Published: July 17, 2018

Continuous Development by Design

The data management software dSPACE SYNECT supports model-based software development and testing on the MIL, SIL, HIL, and vehicle levels by means of consistent data management and systematic automation. This support is improved even further by continuously optimizing existing functions and adding new ones. For example, the new version, SYNECT 2.5, has a range of new user-friendly functions that further increase data security and traceability, and optimize resource consumption.

The Benefits

  • Integrated version management lets you create checkpoints for releasing data (release checkpoints). Data that is used in multiple projects is not only saved. Processes and dependencies stay traceable thanks to textual comments.
  • Additional information stored by the user (custom attributes) can be declared write-protected or invisible, which improves data security even more.
  • In requirements management, you can edit individual requirements directly in SYNECT and add more information to them. A new, clear editor makes this even easier.
  • The Variant Manager now offers new ways to filter a large number of variants in a shared variant model. This gives individual users exactly the variants they need from a global variant model.
  • During model integration, it is now possible to define signal-based communication as blocking or non-blocking. This makes it possible to control the order in which the signals in the overall model are computed.

Product Information

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