Published: May 25, 2020

New API for Web Applications and Significantly Enhanced AutomationDesk Connection

With the new Web API added with Version 2.9 of the SYNECT data management software, you can now access the data in the SYNECT database in read-write mode without a SYNECT client. You can also access the database remotely from any device in the same network. SYNECT uses the Open Data Protocol (OData), an ISO/IEC-approved OASIS standard that recommends best practices for creating and using RESTful APIs. With this API, you can now offer more web front ends and access the SYNECT data directly from other tools.

A direct use case that has also been implemented in dSPACE Release 2020-A is the extended integration of AutomationDesk and SYNECT. Users can now connect to the SYNECT server directly from the AutomationDesk test automation software, create test cases or parameters, and therefore keep the automation sequences in AutomationDesk synchronized with the SYNECT test cases without having to switch between tools.

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