dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS)


雷达传感器和应用的精确测试是开发、生产、质保和维护的重要前提。利用dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems(DARTS),我们可以实现易于使用的实际OTA测试。通过可编程的距离、速度和尺寸,我们能够仿真道路交通对象的雷达回波,进行OTA测试。

  • DARTS Receive 2020 AVT ACES Award

    The jury has found that the dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS) drastically ease radar testing. They are convinced that the cutting-edge technology of DARTS gives users a leading edge in the fast validation and market introduction of automotive radar sensors.

    The panel of judges also recognized the high precision of the generated echoes, wide range coverage, and great versatility of the systems.

  • Multitarget Capability for DARTS

    A single DARTS-9030 can now simulate multiple independent radar echoes at the same time.

    DARTS 9030-MS

    DARTS 9030-M


  • DARTS性能优化

    dSPACE汽车雷达测试系统(DARTS)经批准,现已能够提供更高的带宽性能。DARTS 9030-MS 和 DARTS 9030-M现在都可提供1.2GHz的工作带宽.

    DARTS 9030-MS

    DARTS 9030-M

  • DARTS Multitarget Capability

    Watch a video that shows an absolutely unique feature in action: Simulate up to four targets with a single instrument.

    Read more

  • 汽车雷达传感器回波的OTA仿真




  • 雷达回波的OTA实时精确仿真
  • 高级驾驶辅助系统/自动驾驶应用进行实际测试
  • 最佳的范围、速度和尺寸仿真
  • 所有雷达传感器型号的准确表征和验证
  • 所有ADAS/AD应用程序中可扩展系统的轻松设置
  • 进行芯片测试、研发、下线和型号认证的理想选择


Multi-target radar simulation for target separation testing of next generation radars

DARTS 9040-G

Modular, scalable radar target simulator for testing of next generation radars


Modular, scalable, full-range radar target simulator for the simulation of up to four echos.

DARTS 9030-M

Modular, scalable, long-range radar target simulator for the simulation of up to four echos.

DARTS 9020-S

Modular, scalable short-range radar target simulator for the simulation of one echo.

DARTS 9018-D

Designed for production/workshop: Modular, scalable radar target simulator for the simulation of one echo.

End-of-Line CATR Test System for Radar Sensors

Precise end-of-line testing of radar sensors with high throughput and flexible test scenarios

DARTS Accessories

Accessories for radar target simulation


DARTS系列基于miro•sys 和ITS开发的经过行业验证的成熟技术。

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