DS5386 High-Voltage Electronic Load Module

Electronic load for power HIL simulation up to 1,250 V

The DS5386 High-Voltage Electronic Load Module from dSPACE makes it possible to emulate electric motors, batteries, and power grids for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. Consequently, this allows for tests of power electronics control units with voltages of up to 1,250 V and several megawatts of power.  

One of the most common use cases in this area is inverter testing for automotive traction motors, industrial drives, and zero-emission aircraft. However, the highly flexible electronic load can also emulate any AC and DC source, which is why it can operate as any conceivable electrical network, on land, in the air, and at sea, and also as a battery emulator. The DS5386 High-Voltage Electronic Load Module can be integrated into an emulator cabinet from dSPACE to form a power HIL test system. Tailor-made for HIL simulation at the power level, these systems bridge the gap between signal HIL tests and tests on dynamometers or in prototype vehicles.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth, quasi-continuous current representation thanks to the cutting-edge multi-level hardware architecture and the patented observer-based model predictive current control (MPC)
  • Low-latency model interface that enables the current-based emulation of electrical frequencies of up to several kHz
  • Expandability using identical modules for supply and load emulation
  • Compact design with high energy density for an assembly with minimum space requirements
  • Water-cooled power electronics for user-friendly environmental conditions
  • Efficient operation due to a circular energy flow without energy recovery to the mains (less than 15% of emulation power required by power supply due to energy recovery)

Parameter Specifications
  • Up to 1,250 V DC1)
Current (AC)
  • 75 ARMS
  • 90 APeak (1 s)
Current (DC)
  • 65 A
  • 90 APeak (1 s)
  • No current derating over the entire voltage range
  • Parallel connection supported, identical modules used for supply and load emulation
Power supply
  • 2x 750 V with less than 15% of emulation power due to energy recovery
Hardware topology
  • Multi-level interleaved converter
Power electronics technology
  • Silicon Carbide MOSFET
  • The modules are protected against short circuit, overload, and overtemperature.
  • Liquid-cooled
Resulting switching frequency
  • Up to 800 kHz, using dynamic timing and switching frequency adjustment
Controller update rate
  • 1 MHz
HIL interface
  • Optical link using dSPACE SCALEXIO FPGA technology
HIL interface update rate
  • 1.25 μs
1) Up to 1,000 V with full bandwidth.

  • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Informations produit, PDF, Anglais, 8510 KB
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