CalDesk 1.2.1 Maintenance Release

Improvements and Problems Fixed
How to Install CalDesk 1.2.1


The CalDesk 1.2.1 maintenance release is an update for CalDesk 1.2 and provides several improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements and Problems Fixed

  • Option to create calculated (virtual) variables, whose values are calculated from other items in the variable description file.
  • German and French online and print documentation
  • DCI-GSI improvements
  • Option to disable checksum calculation for DCI-GSI device
  • New DCI-GSI firmware which fixes a bug in measuring signals with an odd number of bytes
  • Problem fixed that raster settings were lost under certain conditions.
  • Improved handling with variable description files
  • Problem fixed in using several experiments referencing the same variable description file.
  • Alternate use of add and reload variable description file now possible without limitations.
  • Improved handling with measurement data and recorded data layouts
  • Problems fixed in connection with rapid prototyping devices:
  • Improved hot plugging
  • Variables of map and curve type are added to the initial data set during a forced upload.
  • Improved handling with imported data sets and nonmatching labels
  • Block names displayed in tooltips of variables in Plotter instrument.
  • ASAM MCD3 automation interface
  • Improved error handling
  • During online transition, automatic loading of correct real-time application for prototyping devices

How to Install CalDesk 1.2.1

  • Administrative privileges are required to run the installation program of CalDesk 1.2.1.
  • The CalDesk 1.2.1 maintenance release can be installed only on an existing CalDesk 1.2.0 installation.


CalDesk1.2.1_Update.exe (76 MB)

Date 2005-09-05
Software Type Experiment and Visualization Software, ECU Interface Software
Information Type Patches
Information Category Troubleshooting
dSPACE Release Prior to 2013-A
Keywords CalDesk

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