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FAQ 412: Using command line tools since Release 2014-A


When executing a command line tool in Release 2014-A, or newer, it does not work, or an error message is displayed stating that the environment variables DSPACE_CONFIG or DSPACE_ROOT are not set.

How can the problem be solved?


Date 2015-09-01
Product DS1005 PPC Board, DS1006 Processor Board, DS1007 PPC Processor Board, DS1103 PPC Controller Board, DS1104 R&D Controller Board, DS2211 HIL I/O Board, MicroAutoBox, MicroLabBox, RapidPro
Information Type Frequently Asked Questions
Information Category Working with
dSPACE Release 2018-A, 2017-B , 2017-A, 2016-B, 2016-A, 2015-B, 2015-A, 2014-B, 2014-A
Keywords flightrecmerge.exe, cmd, RapidProUpdate.exe, imview, down1103, down1104, down1005, down1006, down1007, down1401, down1202, %dspace_root%, %dspace_config%, cl2211, cl2210, DWOCOMP, ds1401configgui.exe, ds1401configcmd.exe, FwManagerCmd.exe,