AIAA Aviation Forum 2024

AIAA Aviation Forum 2024

The AIAA Aviation Forum is the premier event encompassing the entire spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology. This structured gathering is designed to assist attendees in navigating the pivotal challenges and opportunities that shape global aviation policy, research and development, technology proliferation, cybersecurity, environmental concerns, and emerging markets.

Explore dSPACE Solutions for Aerospace! Our cutting-edge development and test solutions for aeronautics and astronautics empower you to bring your safety-critical systems to fruition. Whether you're working on innovative propulsion, highly automated or autonomous flight, electrified and software-based systems, mechatronics, satellites, or rockets – we're eager to learn about your project and excited to showcase our comprehensive solution offering.

Check out our specialized solutions forAircraft Systems, where ensuring the safe operation of an airplane is the foremost objective throughout the entire aircraft development process. Our hardware and software products play a pivotal role in supporting airframers and system suppliers, helping them meet their safety goals by performing critical functions in all conceivable flight situations.

Explore the future of aviation with our Electric Flight solutions. Recent technological advancements have ushered in novel concepts for emission-free propulsion and more electric aircraft systems. These transformative changes not only open new fields of application and business opportunities but also present new challenges in the development process. Discover our innovative solutions that can turn your vision for future air mobility into a reality.

Join us at the AIAA Aviation Forum and let dSPACE be your partner in advancing the frontiers of aviation and aeronautics technology.

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