The Research Software Kits include affordable individual workstation licenses of various software products.

What can I do with the dSPACE Research Software Kits?

With the kits, dSPACE specifically aims at supporting university research. The Research Software Kits let scientists at universities also profit from the newest, most modern dSPACE software tools. The software tools offer the same functionalities as the ClassRoom Kits, but with the additional opportunity to dive further into the models for research purposes.

Core Components of the Research Software Kits

 What are the Research Software Kit components?

Product Area Products included in the individual kits RTMaps SystemDesk TargetLink VEOS ASM Vehicle Dynamics ASM Engine Gasoline ASM Engine Diesel ASM Engine Gasoline InCylinder ASM Engine Diesel InCylinder ASM Engine Diesel InCylind ASM Electric Component
Hardware (third party) MEDKit                    
Software (third party) RTMaps from Intempora                    
dSPACE Software ControlDesk (Basic and for ECU platforms)                    
dSPACE Software SystemDesk                    
dSPACE Software TargetLink                    
dSPACE Software VEOS (Base, ECU, CAN)                    
dSPACE Software ASM Vehicle Dynamics                    
dSPACE Software ASM Engine Gasoline                    
dSPACE Software ASM Engine Diesel                    
dSPACE Software ASM Engine Gasoline                    
dSPACE Software ASM Engine Diesel                    
dSPACE Software ASM Engine Basic                  
dSPACE Software ASM Drivetrain Library2)              
dSPACE Software ASM Electric                    
dSPACE Software ASM Environment Library 2)                    
dSPACE Software ASM Optimizer:                  
dSPACE Software ModelDesk          
dSPACE Software AURELION                    
dSPACE add-on modules SystemDesk V-ECU Generation Module                    
dSPACE add-on modules Target Simulation Module, AUTOSAR Module, TargetLink Module for MATLAB® Code1)                    

 ✓ = standard component

• = optional component

1)The TargetLink module for MATLAB® Code from dSPACE is licensed by MathWorks, Inc.

2) Other ASM libraries are available on request.

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