Simulating Electric Power Steering Systems at Mechanical Power Level


In some cases the ECU of electronic power steering (EPS) or electronic power-assisted steering (EPAS) systems cannot be accessed at signal level. ECUs have to be stimulated physically on mechanical power level. Sometimes it can also be important to test the entire mechatronic subsystem in addition to running purely electronic tests. Thus, fatigue tests have to be performed in addition to function testing.


HIL simulation at mechanical power level requires a test bench with real parts, such as an electric motor or mechanical loads that are the same as in the vehicle.


A HIL simulator equipped with a processor board and interface boards for electric motor simulation is connected with the mechanical test bench and controls its components. dSPACE provides the ideal HIL simulator for various kinds of test bench interfaces. The PGI LTi TWINsync Solution is a new solution for interfacing a test bench equipped with LTi ServoOne inverters.

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