Virtual Validation for Intelligent Charging Systems

PC-based simulation of controller functions

When developing charging systems for electric vehicles, you must take a number of charging standards and technologies into account. Additionally, a wide range of suppliers is involved in the development process who are potentially providing ECU software in different formats. Eventually, all the ECU software has to be combined to an overall system and subsequently validated. PC-based simulation enables early integration and function tests that are independent from any hardware.

Application Areas

  • Communication tests between electric vehicles and charging stations
  • Testing the complete sequence of the charging process from the first cable connection to plug release

Key Benefits

  • Support of various charging standards, such as ISO 15118 or ChaDeMo
  • Support of different plug types: Type 1, Type 2, CombinedChargingSystem (CCS)
  • Ready-to-use simulation models for electric vehicle and charging station controller
  • Support of AC and DC charging

Basic Information

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