Conformance Tests for Smart Charging

Testing conformance with charging standards

Conformance testing according to charging communication standards.

Charging standards such as ISO 15118, DIN SPEC 70121, CHAdeMO, and GB/T 27930 specify the communication between electric vehicle communication controllers (EVCCs) and supply equipment communication controllers (SECCs).

To ensure interoperability between independent EVCCs and SECCs, a considerable number of charging-standard-specific tests has to be implemented and executed.

The Smart Charging ISO 15118-4 Conformance Test Suite provides standardized conformance tests as defined in ISO 15118-4: Network and application protocol conformance test. These tests check whether the behavior and communication of an EVCC under test comply with the requirements as defined in ISO 15118-2. The test suite covers test cases based on external identification means (EIM) used, e.g., for manual payment options in AC and DC mode. Security-relevant test cases required for plug-and-charge (PnC) will be covered soon.

Further conformance tests, for ISO 15118 as well as for other charging standards, such as DIN SPEC 70121, GB/T and CHAdeMO, are currently under development. 

Fully Automated Testing

To implement conformance tests, the Smart Charging ISO 15118-4 Conformance Test Suite provides AutomationDesk libraries, an AutomationDesk project, and user functions that support the fully automated selection and execution of applicable tests without any user interaction.

Specific conformance tests require the emulation and manipulation of resistor networks of the electric vehicle (EV) and the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) or to plug and unplug the charging cable. The Smart Charging Solution can be extended by the Smart Charging Plug Simulator for this purpose.

During test execution with AutomationDesk, the communication between the EVCC and the SECC can be monitored with ControlDesk.

Required Software and Hardware

To carry out conformance tests according to ISO 15118, the following software and hardware is required:

  • Smart Charging ISO 15118-4 Conformance Test Suite
  • Smart Charging Solution including the DS5366 Smart Charging Interface
  • Smart Charging Plug Simulator (optional)
  • dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop simulator, e.g., SCALEXIO

  • Smart Charging Solution Product Information, PDF, English, 1164 KB
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