Data Recording During Real Test Drives

  • Synchronous processing and data recording of environment sensors and automotive buses
  • Flexibly expandable system with hardware accelerators for data preprocessing and data fusion
  • Hot-swappable AUTERA SSD for easy memory exchange while recording test drives
  • Support of raw data interfaces for environment perception
  • Open system with the tailored graphical software environment

The reliable 360° field detection, which is required for autonomous driving, is performed with a variety of different environmental sensors, such as a camera, radar, or lidar. Every second, these sensors generate vast volumes of data, which must be stored safely during a test drive for future use. The AUTERA AutoBox is the ideal system for recording and processing large volumes of data from various sensors, automotive buses, and networks during test drives. All these interfaces are time-correlated and record accurate time tamps directly at the data input location so that the data can then be played back with correct timing. In addition to high computing power of the system, the bandwidth is also a decisive factor as it is a limiting factor for the number of high-resolution sensors that can be recorded simultaneously. The AUTERA AutoBox is capable of continuously streaming up to 50 Gbit/s to the easily exchangeable and hot-swappable AUTERA solid-state disks (SSDs) within a compact system. For even higher bandwidth demands, you can simply scale up by adding another AUTERA AutoBox.



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