Tasks: Testing Bus Communication for Different ECUs

Tasks: Testing Bus Communication for Different ECUs

A typical task for automotive suppliers is to test different ECUs with a different set of interfaces and bus networks. Bus and network interfaces in particular are developing faster than other interfaces. As a result, it must be possible to adjust a test system on a regular basis.

Challenge: Agile Building of a System for Testing Bus Communication

As agile development processes are increasingly becoming the norm, easily adjustable test systems are key. A system has to cover all major bus interfaces so that they can be exchanged effortlessly. The same applies for the configuration of bus communication. This is why using communication matrices is indispensable.
Small, easy-to-adjust, and affordable systems for first tests are ideal to increase the efficiency for the following component or integration tests with full-sized hardware-in-the-loop systems.

Solution: Modular Off-the-Shelf System with Graphical Configuration

For ECU testing, the SCALEXIO LabBox provides a wide range of automotive bus and network interfaces in combination with standard I/O to operate the device under test. The interfaces support different communication standards, e.g., CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, automotive Ethernet, and UART. The modular bus boards are standardized stock components, and you can easily connect them yourself. The same holds true for later changes, e.g., if the project requirements change, as there is no need for special know-how to replace boards or add them.
Continuous enhancement for the dSPACE product portfolio, such as support of multi–gigabit automotive Ethernet and CAN FD with signal improvement capability (SIC), keep the features up to market requirements and thus protect your investment.

Once you move on to configuring the entire system, dSPACE bus configuration tools give you a clear overview and easy handling of complex communication matrices. This enables you to use simulation and manipulation features in a very convenient way. A highly efficient tool automation for a wide range of tasks accelerates the development and test process and prevents mistakes.
AUTOSAR features like end-to-end protection profiles (E2E), secure onboard communication (SecOC), and global time synchronization (GTS) are natively supported. With minimum effort and without any programming skills, you can create restbus simulations to run your tests.

The real-time-capable operating system of the SCALEXIO system supports the integration of high-quality ECU behavior models via Simulink or FMUs. This allows for a powerful simulation of the ECU environment. The close integration of Simulink enables you to use existing Simulink models for the simulation. During configuration, the tight integration between the dSPACE configuration tool and Simulink ensures that your models are always consistent.


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