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PS-DINJ 2/1 Patch 1 for Release 5.2 and Release 5.3

Problems Fixed by This Patch
Installation Notes & Download


This patch can be installed on an existing Release 5.2 or 5.3 installation.

Problems Fixed by This Patch

  • Problem Report KPR.2007.03.05.001
    The Pick-up output pulse generated by the Injection/Ignition block might be too long. The Pick-up signal might be held at high level until the end of the Hold pulse.
    For details see
  • Compatibility with PIC firmware 1.4
    This patch must be installed in order to ensure compatibility between the RPCU_DIAGNOSIS block from the RTIRPCU simulink blockset and PS-DINJ 2/1 modules with module PIC firmware 1.4 or later.
  • Additional changes
    The following output port designators of the RPCU_DIAGNOSIS block for the PS-DINJ 2/1 module have been changed while the meaning of these output ports remains unchanged.
  • "TA signal timeout" -> "Timeout during peak phase"
  • "TB signal timeout" -> "Timeout during hold phase"


After installation, models using the RPCU_INJ_IGN_TPU block must be rebuilt. In addition, before starting the build process, the build directory of the model must be deleted.

Installation Notes & Download

ReadMe (2 KB)
RLS_5.2_5.3_RTI_INJIGNp1.exe (1.51 MB)

Date 2007-08-13
产品类型 紧凑系统
产品 RapidPro
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