Model Compare

比较 MathWorks® Simulink®、Stateflow® 和 dSPACE TargetLink模型

Model Compare 可以找出模型的所有更改。即使是大型模型,也能在数分钟内进行对比;但如果没有工具支持,这是不可能实现的。


当您使用同一模型的多个版本时,自动对比尤为重要。dSPACE 的 Model Compare 可与任何 TargetLink、MathWorks®Simulink 或 Stateflow®模型一起使用,还支持数据库。Model Compare 的使用范围十分广泛,例如:

  • 管理不同模型版本或模型变量
  • 合并平行开发分支版本
  • 验证并审核模型更改

TargetLink 支持

Model Compare 内置对所有 TargetLink 块和属性的支持。它们被按照普通 Simulink/Stateflow 元素的显示和处理方式对待,因此,您无需担心 TargetLink 的实施细节。因为 TargetLink 属性的语义是已知的,因此,可使用预定义的过滤器选项对其进行智能处理。





Model Compare 可以找出模型的所有更改。即使是大型模型,也能在数分钟内进行对比;但如果没有工具支持,这是不可能实现的。此外,可选的三向模型分析可以检测到变更之间存在的冲突,并展示模型发生变更的过程,而不仅仅显示它们之间的差异您可使用过滤器重点关注相关差异,并忽略不重要的差异,如布局更改或仿真设置等。对审查会话的支持也可确保对模型更改的可靠、安全且受控制的审核。合并支持简化了对同一模型不同版本的同步更改。

Feature Description Benefit
Support for TargetLink
  • Model Compare recognizes TargetLink blocks and properties, and handles them just like built-in blocks.
  • There is no need to bother with TargetLink implementation details.
Three-way analysis with conflict detection and automatic resolution option
  • Optional analysis of a third (common ancestor) model
  • Option for automatic conflict resolution
  • Detailed information on changes of the models rather than listing only their differences
  • Different model versions can be merged without user intervention
Powerful comparison algorithm
  • Models from different Simulink® versions are compared; block correspondences are detected even if the names of the blocks have changed; parameter values are compared either in unevaluated form (e.g., “Kp”) or in evaluated form (e.g., “5.4”).
  • Conversion and upgrade problems can be addressed. You get concise comparison results even if blocks were renamed. Different workspace settings can be taken into account.
Flexible filter configuration
  • Model Compare can be configured to filter out unimportant differences, e.g., layout changes or simulation options, according to a variety of criteria. A comparison can be restricted to selected subsystems.
  • You can focus on the differences and model parts that are relevant to you. This greatly improves the efficiency of a comparison.
Convenient result display
  • The comparison results are displayed in synchronized tree views, with differences indicated by customizable color schemes. A statistics window displays the number of changed, added and removed elements.
  • You can easily see which elements correspond to each other. Added, removed and modified elements as well as the number and type of changes can be seen at a glance.
Review support
  • Comments can be associated with individual blocks and properties or with the complete comparison session.
  • Reviews are performed in a reliable, controlled and safe way. You can also use the comment function to structure your own working process.
Traceability from Model Compare to model
  • You can easily highlight Simulink and Stateflow elements by selecting them in Model Compare, and show any differences directly in the compared models.
  • It is easy to view the context of a change and all the differences in a subsystem.
Traceability from model back to Model Compare
  • You can trace model elements in Simulink back to Model Compare
  • This is helpful to identify blocks and lines in Model Compare
Merge support
  • The commands Copy to Right, Copy to Left, and Delete can be used to transfer changes from one model to another.
  • Advanced merge functions for three-way analysis
  • You can merge parallel development branches and transfer changes between distinct model variants.
  • More convenience by automatically merging and resolving conflicts

Report generation
  • Comparison results and associated comments can be saved as HTML, PDF and XML reports, model screenshots can be integrated in the difference reports.
  • The information can be archived and published.
Tool automation
  • Comparisons can be started by command line, and reports can be generated automatically. Reports can be saved in XML format for easy processing by external tools.
  • You can process multiple models automatically and incorporate Model Compare into your own tool chain.

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