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How to Add New Licenses After Removing All License Information This video helps you solve the following problem: You removed all licenses from dSPACE Installation Manager and can no longer add any licenses for additional dongles. How to Add New Licenses when Working with Multiple Dongles This video walks you through adding new licenses for additional dongles to your dSPACE installation. Scenario and Simulation Data Management for Verifying Autonomous Driving Functions Webinar Recording (November 21, 2017): This webinar recording shows how an infrastructure supports fully automated verification on dedicated MIL/SIL or HIL test platforms as well as driving millions of test kilometers overnight on a PC cluster. ControlDesk Demo Video These videos give you an even deeper insight into the functions of ControlDesk. TargetLink Property Manager TargetLink 4.3 ships with an all new Property Manager. This video shows you the new features and basic concepts. MISRA C Made Easy with the TargetLink Ecosystem Webinar Recording (October 10, 2017): How to efficiently exploit the TargetLink ecosystem to achieve MISRA C compliance. How to Add dSPACE Software to an Existing Installation You bought new dSPACE software for an existing installation. To use it, you have to add the new license information during software installation. Watchdogs are a Tester’s Best Friends Webinar Recording (September 21, 2017): In this webinar recording you will learn how to easily and effectively define watcher conditions to monitor and measure data in critical traffic scenarios based on dSPACE ASM and ModelDesk On-Target Bypassing On-Target Bypassing with TargetLink and the ECU Interfacing Toolchain Sensor Simulation: Key to Autonomous Driving Development Webinar Recording (June 28, 2017): In this webinar recording dSPACE shows the different dSPACE solutions for sensor simulations: starting from ground truth sensor models to raw data stimulation via GPU-based physical sensor models. Taming the Test Crowd with Cluster Simulation Webinar Recording (June 01, 2017): This webinar recording discusses key questions of how to handle increasing test numbers using a simulation cluster, outlines its design process, and gives a demonstration of a VEOS-based example cluster Come Work for dSPACE! Learn first-hand what makes us a desirable employer How to Get the Best out of Your HIL Systems Webinar Recording (May 10, 2017): dSPACE shows you how to quickly optimize the use of HIL systems, become ISO-26262-compliant, perform requirements-based testing, and achieve 24/7 HIL operation. Bring the Real World to your Virtual Test Drives Webinar Recording (April 26, 2017): This webinar recording shows how to use the dSPACE ASM tool chain to define test drive scenarios and import real map and traffic data into your test setup Over-the-Air Radar-in-the-Loop Simulation HIL setup for radar-based driver assistance systems Challenge Accepted: Validating Autonomous Driving Functions Webinar Recording (March 29, 2017): This webinar recording shows the introduction to our webinar series that addresses the validation of autonomous driving functions. Time Plotter View Modes and Signal Arrangement How do I make multiple signals visible in the Time Plotter? How can I change the order of the signals in stacked view? ControlDesk: Handling the Plotters These tutorial videos give you an overview of handling the plotters in ControlDesk: the Time Plotter, the Index Plotter, and the XY Plotter. Maneuver-Based Engine Tests Maneuver-based test drives on an engine test bench 3-D Motion Platforms Testing control devices with integrated motion sensors On-Target Bypassing with TargetLink Webinar Recording (December 07, 2016): dSPACE demonstrates how to perform automotive function development and prototyping with an early focus on production code constraints. Testing Highly Automated Driving Testing automated driving functions by means of simulation From Textual Requirements to Requirement Observers Webinar Recording (November 08, 2016): dSPACE and BTC demonstrate how to use the dSPACE RTT Observer Library and the BTC Embedded Specifier to generate executable requirement observers from informal textual requirements and run them on dSPACE platforms. dSPACE TargetLink and SYNECT Bring Model-Based Development to a New Level Webinar Recording (September 27, 2016): dSPACE demonstrates how to use model-based design, autocoding and model-based testing efficiently and smoothly. Mechatronic Steering Test Bench Developing and fine-tuning electric steering systems Highly Automated Driving on Highways Configuring Construction Site Scenarios and Testing Automated Driving Functions Register SCALEXIO and Add Hardware Topology How to create a new ConfigurationDesk project? How to register SCALEXIO in ConfigurationDesk? How to add the SCALEXIO hardware topology in ConfigurationDesk? Introduction to TargetLink This video gives you a short introduction to TargetLink Simulation and Testing of TargetLink Code This video shows TargetLink's built-in verification and validation support Software Design with the TargetLink Data Dictionary These videos give you an overview of designing software with the TargetLink Data Dictionary. TargetLink for Safety-Related Systems This video gives you an overview of the TargetLink certification and the use of TargetLink for safety-critical applications RTMaps Demo Video This video shows RTMaps, the development environment for multisensor applications (ADAS, robotics, …). MotionDesk MotionDesk 演示视频系列 ASM Traffic – Roadworks Video: Lane Detection for Automated Driving TU Wien / Siemens Pantographen The video shows how, thanks to the methods developed by TU Wien, realistic high-speed train drives can be emulated on the pantograph test bench from Siemens. HIL Systems for Testing V2X Applications dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for testing V2X systems. 三菱派克峰 三菱公司的 MiEV EvolutionII 装配了 dSPACE MicroAutoBox。 AutomationDesk: Signal-Based Testing This AutomationDesk tutorial video provides information on signal-based testing and concrete instructions on how to use the Signal-Based Testing library and the Signal Editor. dSPACE Technology Conference 2015 Watch the video on dSPACE’s 2015 Technology Conference! Mastering DO-178C Using Model-Based Design and Autocoding Webinar Recording (May 28, 2015): How to use model-based methods for DO-178C- and DO-331-compliant software development Generating virtual ECUs without AUTOSAR Webinar Recording (November 25, 2015): Generate virtual ECUs in non-AUTOSAR projects Functional Mock-up Interface - Webinar Recording Webinar Recording (November 12, 2015): This webinar recording demonstrates how to exploit the features of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) with the dSPACE tool chain. Model Management – Beyond Managing Files Webinar Recording (October 20, 2015): Manage models not only as files but also with essential data as their inputs, outputs, parameters and metadata 视频 MicroLabBox dSPACE 的 MicroLabBox 视频。作为全新紧凑型实验室用控制系统开发平台,dSPACE MicroLabBox 可提供强大的计算能力和完备的功能体系。 在停车库中自主泊车 利用 dSPACE 工具链验证泊车辅助系统。 MAN 用 dSPACE 工具链 验证高级驾驶员辅助系统 - 通过硬件在环仿真进行虚拟测试驾驶 Euro NCAP 测试环境视频 用于 AEB 市区、城际和 AEB VRU(弱势交通参与者)/行人的 Euro NCAP 测试场景,其中包括 dSPACE 工具链概述。 ADAS 视频交叉路口辅助 验证交叉路口辅助系统 - 利用 dSPACE 工具链在 3D 环境中创建和可视化交叉路口。 SYNECT dSPACE 提供的数据管理软件 -安全、高效、集中地管理复杂数据。 Ein Tag bei dSPACE One day at dSPACE’s German headquarters. A video in German. Midwest User Conference 2014 请观看有关 dSPACE Inc. 用户大会及 dSPACE 新型 MicroLabBox 展示的视频! The University of Adelaide: Diwheel Defies Gravity Australian Students developed an Upside Down Vehicle General Motors:别克君威涡轮增压发动机 Electronics engineering for the Buick Regal Turbo Charged Engine. Tula Technology Tula 产品出色的燃油效率有助于净化环境、减少对石油的依赖,并节省消费者的用油成本。观看其工作原理! 东京大学 – 高速机器人 棒球机器人系统呈现了完美的快速投球、击球技术。 客户视频:超级摩托车成功案例 BMW Motorrad 依靠 dSPACE 验证其完全自主开发的电子控件单元的质量。 俄亥俄州立大学在 EcoCAR 比赛中将 HIL(硬件在环) 推至新水平 这是一次对该团队在 HIL(硬件在环)安装持续开发方面的技术展示。 DAF:保持适当的速度 该视频演示了如何在模拟操作条件下保持安全速度。 dSPACE Inc.: Company Video Company video of dSPACE Inc., USA dSPACE Japan: Company Video 2012 用于 Euro NCAP 测试的硬件在环工具链 综合测试场景的一站式解决方案 功能样机接口 These four videos demonstrate how FMUs can be integrated into one simulation application. Virtual Validation These six example videos give an insight into the virtual validation workflow. SystemDesk These six videos show a workflow for developing system architectures. ASM 车辆动力学模型 Various videos using ASM Vehicle Dynamics Models ASM 运动学和弹性运动学 更高效地设计和测试车轮悬架 ASM/ModelDesk These eight videos give you an even deeper insight into the functions of ASM and ModelDesk. AutomationDesk These four videos give you an even deeper insight into the functions of AutomationDesk. How to Get to Requirements-Based Testing Webinar Recording (March 24, 2015): This webinar recording shows you how to perform requirements-based testing for all development and testing phases, from software unit to system level tests, from manual to automated testing. TargetLink Ecosystem MES Webinar Recording (April 30, 2014): This webinar recording focuses on automated guideline checking and model analysis with the MES Model Examiner and MES M-XRAY to ensure transparent and easily inspectable TargetLink models. ECU Software Development with SystemDesk and EB tresos Studio Webinar Recording (March 27, 2014): This webinar recording demonstrates how to develop ECU software from the software architecture to the basic software with SystemDesk and EB tresos. TargetLink Ecosystem BTC Webinar Recording (January 29, 2014): This webinar recording demonstrates how to test and verify Simulink/TargetLink models and production code in an integrated process. TargetLink Ecosystem – Early Detection of Runtime Errors and Resource Problems Webinar Recording (September 24, 2014): Early Detection of Runtime Errors and Resource Problems by Combining Model-Based Design and Static Analysis. Generation of Virtual Electronic Control Units Webinar Recording (July 08, 2013): This webinar recording demonstrates how to generate virtual electronic control units based on AUTOSAR. AUTOSAR 4.0: Architecture and Behavior Modeling Made Easy Webinar Recording (December 04, 2012): AUTOSAR 4.0 – Architecture and Behavior Modeling Made Easy Model-Based Development for AUTOSAR Webinar Recording (April 03, 2012): This free-of-charge dSPACE webinar demonstrates how software components can be developed efficiently for the latest AUTOSAR versions 4.0 and 3.2. Webinar - Introducing AUTOSAR, Workflows and Tools Webinar Recording (June 30, 2011): This free webinar, hosted by dSPACE and Elektrobit, provides a basic introduction to the up-and-coming AUTOSAR standard for developing in-vehicle software. Optimizing AUTOSAR Workflows with Component Containers Webinar Recording (May 25, 2011): This free dSPACE webinar demonstrates how to develop AUTOSAR application software with the greatest of ease by using SystemDesk and TargetLink. 网络研讨会 - 有效开发 AUTOSAR 软件组件 Webinar Recording (March 09, 2010): 这场免费的 dSPACE 网络研讨会将展示如何使用 Simulink®/TargetLink 有效建立 AUTOSAR 软件组件模型,并通过自动代码生成的方式实现这些模型。 Modeling Function Variants with Simulink®/TargetLink Webinar Recording (July 01, 2010): This free dSPACE Webinar demonstrates how to model function variants using Simulink®/TargetLink and implement them by autocoding. Model-Based Development According to ISO 26262 Webinar Recording (November 18, 2009): Webinar concerning the requirements of ISO 26262 for safety-relevant systems, right up to ASIL D, the highest safety level. 网络研讨会 — 利用汽车仿真模型开发与测试混合动力 ECU Webinar Recording (March 16, 2011): 此免费 dSPACE 网络研讨会演示如何使用 dSPACE 汽车仿真模型 (ASM) 创建具有实时能力的动力系统仿真。 Traffic Scenario Simulation to Test Functions of Driver Assistance Systems Webinar Recording (May 09, 2011): This free-of-charge dSPACE webinar demonstrates how to create traffic scenario simulations with the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs). ConfigurationDesk Tutorial Videos These tutorial videos give you an overview of the main functions of dSPACE ConfigurationDesk. ControlDesk: Customizing Instruments Adding a Python script to a ControlDesk instrument lets you extend the instrument's functionality via automation. ControlDesk: Electrical Error Simulation To test ECU software in ControlDesk under error conditions, electrical error simulation via XIL API EESPort is used. ControlDesk: Measuring on dSPACE Platforms These ControlDesk tutorial videos show you how to perform a triggered measurement on a dSPACE platform. 视频 - FMI 的优点 本视频介绍了使用 Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) 开展跨公司系统工程工作的优点。