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Competence in Autonomous Driving Let's get autonomous driving on the road. dSPACE provides innovative technology for your next steps. ControlDesk: Customizing Instruments Adding a Python script to a ControlDesk instrument lets you extend the instrument's functionality via automation. SIMPHERA - Enter simpliCity SIMPHERA, the web-based, highly scalable solution for the simulation and validation of functions for autonomous driving. Installing dSPACE Software This video shows you how to install dSPACE software (valid only for dSPACE Release 2017-B and later). Smarter, Faster E-Mobility Our industry-proven e-mobility solutions will give you the support you need throughout all development phases Vehicle-in-the-loop Testing of safety-critical ADAS Functions Perform end-of-line tests and periodic technical inspections on the test stand to efficiently ensure ADAS and AD safety New Licensing: Activating Licenses and Decrypting Software Archives This video guides you through the license activation process for single-user licenses as well as the decryption process (valid only for dSPACE Release 2017-B and later). First Steps with ASM These tutorial videos show you how to get started with ASM. Introduction to TargetLink These videos show basic concepts of working with TargetLink ControlDesk: Getting Started with the Internal Interpreter These tutorial videos show you how to to get started when automating ControlDesk via the Interpreter controlbar. ControlDesk Demo Video These videos give you an even deeper insight into the functions of ControlDesk. ConfigurationDesk Introduction to the Bus Manager – Implementing CAN and LIN Communication This video shows you how you can configure CAN and LIN communication by using the Bus Manager in ConfigurationDesk and implement the bus communication in a real-time application. How to Get to HIL Testing (1/3) – HIL Workflow for Beginners Webinar Recording (May 22, 2019): dSPACE demonstrates how to set up a HIL simulator. Video MicroLabBox Video of dSPACE's MicroLabBox. The new, compact control system development platform for laboratory use, dSPACE MicroLabBox, offers high computing power and comprehensive functionalities. ControlDesk: Measuring on dSPACE Platforms These ControlDesk tutorial videos show you how to perform a triggered measurement on a dSPACE platform. Shaping the Future of Battery Technology Learn more about how to test your battery management system (BMS) with dSPACE tools Downloading and Adding CodeMeter Licensing Files to an already Installed Product This video guides you through the process of downloading legacy license files and adding the licenses to an already installed legacy dSPACE Release. Why is Conformance Testing Important for Battery Electric Vehicles? The importance of performing conformance testing to standards such as ISO 15118. ControlDesk: Electrical Error Simulation To test ECU software in ControlDesk under error conditions, electrical error simulation via XIL API EESPort is used. New Licensing for dSPACE Products: An Overview As of dSPACE Release 2017-B, the licensing technology for protecting dSPACE software changes. This video introduces you to the new technology. SCALEXIO LabBox: Getting Started These tutorial videos show you how to install, configure, and register a DS6001 Processor Board. Software-in-the-Loop Testing Test functions for autonomous driving and e-drive applications without any hardware at all, save cost and time by performing multiple tests in parallel, or start testing even before your real hardware ECU is available Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Power HIL systems from dSPACE provide highly dynamic emulation of electric motor and battery components with several hundred kilowatts of power and voltages up to 1,250 V. Integration of a dSPACE PC-based simulation system in Anritsu’s 5G radio communication tester How to test 5G based applications that need advanced simulation. New Licensing: Updating Licenses This video guides you through the license update process with local access to a CmContainer (valid only for dSPACE Release 2017-B and later). Fuel Cell Simulation Learn about our experience in test systems for fuel cell control units including real time capable simulation models in a scalable framework. SIMPHERA - A Revolution for AD Simulation and Validation dSPACE has just launched a completely new, web-based and cloud-ready solution that addresses and meets the requirements for developing and testing highly automated vehicles: SIMPHERA ConfigurationDesk for Rapid Control Prototyping - Introduction This video gives you an overview on how you can get to run your model on a MicroAutoBox III. AutomationDesk: Signal-Based Testing This AutomationDesk tutorial video provides information on signal-based testing and concrete instructions on how to use the Signal-Based Testing library and the Signal Editor. AutomationDesk These videos give you an even deeper insight into the functions of AutomationDesk. New Licensing: Setting Up a dSPACE License Server This video shows you how to set up a dSPACE License Server with CodeMeter Runtime (valid only for dSPACE Release 2017-B and later). Fuel Cell Modeling and Simulation Recording of online workshop (October 22, 2020) Next Level BMS Testing Experience a first introduction and demonstration of the new dSPACE BMS Testing Solution. Downloading and Using CodeMeter Legacy License Files to Install a Product This video guides you through the process of downloading legacy license files and using them to install a legacy dSPACE Release. ECU Interface Manager: Configuring the Access to an ECU Application This video series shows you how to configure the access to an ECU application with the ECU Interface Manager. New Licensing: Migrating from WibuKey Dongles This video guides you through the migration process for WibuKey Dongles (valid only for dSPACE Release 2017-B and later). Functional Mock-up Interface These four videos demonstrate how FMUs can be integrated into one simulation application. High-Voltage Testing Learn more about power Hardware-in-the-loop testing with real currents and high voltages, simulating all components of hybrid and fully electric vehicles SystemDesk These six videos show a workflow for developing system architectures. ConfigurationDesk – Connect your Models to dSPACE Hardware Webinar Recording (November 29, 2018): dSPACE demonstrates how to easily connect your SCALEXIO Hardware to your models using ConfigurationDesk ControlDesk: Handling the Plotters These tutorial videos give you an overview of handling the plotters in ControlDesk: the Time Plotter, the Index Plotter, and the XY Plotter. TargetLink Frame Model Generation and Update Generating and updating frame models from Classic AUTOSAR data TargetLink Signal Injection & Tunneling These videos introduce you to signal injection and tunneling. Over-the-Air Radar-in-the-Loop Simulation Validating radar sensors and functions for autonomous driving New Licensing: Connecting to a dSPACE License Server This video shows you how to connect a host PC to a dSPACE License Server using CodeMeter Runtime (valid only for dSPACE Release 2017-B and later). ASM Fuel Cells In this podcast episode a solution for testing the control algorithms behind fuel cell systems is presented. Mechatronic Steering Test Bench Developing and fine-tuning electric steering systems Get ahead with Fuel Cell Development Fuel cells on your horizon? Simulation and validation of electrified vehicles a hot topic? Expert Norbert Meyer has all the details, including insights from a challenging industry project. dSPACE tool chain used by MAN Validating advanced driver assistance systems – Virtual test drives with hardware-in-the-loop simulation New Licensing: Activating Floating Network Licenses This video guides you through the license activation process for floating network licenses (valid only for dSPACE Release 2017-B and later). Adaptive AUTOSAR Virtual ECUs With the dSPACE SIL tool chain, you can generate and simulate Adaptive AUTOSAR V-ECUs Levels of Virtual ECUs An overview of the different levels of V-ECUs and how they can be utilized to help you make your simulation tasks and test processes more efficient. Scaling and autoscaling with TargetLink Fine-tune your code manually or automatically Onboard Charger Test on Power Level with dSPACE Power HIL A real onboard charger for electric vehicles being tested by dSPACE PowerHIL, with full flexibility regarding grid and battery behavior. RTMaps Demo Video This video shows RTMaps, the development environment for multisensor applications (ADAS, robotics, …). Introduction to dSPACE Conformance Testing The dSPACE solution for smart charging supports you with standardized conformance tests as defined in ISO 15118-4, to implement and execute charging-standard-specific tests - to ensure interoperability between electric vehicles and charging stations. Rapid Control Prototyping An overview over the dSPACE RCP portfolio for laboratory and in-vehicle usage. Getting Started with SYNECT – Assigning SYNECT User Licenses This video shows you how to assign SYNECT user licenses (as of dSPACE Release 2018-B). Bus Manager Learn how the dSPACE Bus Manager helps you manage this network complexity and create powerful bus simulations. MicroAutoBox III - Next Generation of Compact In-Vehicle Prototyping Learn more about the powerful MicroAutoBox III in-vehicle function prototyping system and its comprehensive automotive bus and network support Using AutomationDesk with SYNECT These videos show how to synchronize AutomationDesk sequences with SYNECT test cases. Guided State Test Process with SYNECT and AutomationDesk Experience a typical workflow between test manager and test developer and see them working smoothly together, even though they work on different continents with a massive time shift Testing Advanced Safety Applications Powered by V2X dSPACE and NORDSYS present a joint solution that combines advanced ADAS/AD simulation with an innovative V2X communication system for testing connected vehicles. New Licensing: Migrating from Old CmDongles This video guides you through the migration process for CmDongles delivered before dSPACE Release 2017-B. SCALEXIO From development to testing – SCALEXIO is your universal real-time system. Step-Steer Maneuver This video shows the superimposed representation of the vehicle behavior of two different chassis configurations in a step-steer maneuver simulated by the ASM tool suite Scenario Preview Usability tools for traffic simulations in Modeldesk Simulating and Testing TargetLink Code These videos show TargetLink's built-in verification and validation support First Impressions of AURELION AURELION is the new dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation and marks a significant advancement. Virtual Validation These example videos give an insight into the virtual validation workflow. VEOS – Software-in-the-Loop Simulation on Linux Systems Software-in-the-loop testing with VEOS on Linux, demonstrated in our newest Innovation Coffee Break. How to Ensure Battery Safety in Electric Aircraft Challenges and testing options for using batteries in electric aircraft. Dynamic Motor Simulation on FPGA Learn how Dynamic Motor Simulation on FPGA enables highest dynamics with maximum accuracy in the HIL simulation of ElectricDrives. Software Design with the TargetLink Data Dictionary These videos give you an overview of designing software with the TargetLink Data Dictionary. HIL Systems for Testing V2X Applications dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for testing V2X systems Test Automation Watch our Innovation Coffee Break to learn about the dSPACE Test Solution Package, containing SYNECT, AutomationDesk and the Test Authoring Framework (TAF). Scenario-Based Testing in a Virtual World and with HIL Test Systems Recording of online workshop (May 28, 2020) ControlDesk: Handling the Table Editor - Overview and Connections These tutorial videos give you an overview of the Table Editor and show you how to connect variables. ControlDesk: Handling the Table Editor - Changing Values These tutorial videos show you how to change function values and axis points and how to export table data. Hyundai MOBIS : Tests VIL (Vehicle-In-the-Loop) Hyundai MOBIS utilise la méthode de tests Vehicle-In-the-Loop (VIL) pour valider efficacement les systèmes d’aide à la conduite avancés, en utilisant des tests de conduite virtuels et réels synchrones. 6 Basic Tips on AUTOSAR Modeling Six basic tips for a successful start with AUTOSAR and the dSPACE code generator TargetLink. Come Work for dSPACE! Learn first-hand what makes us a desirable employer Video New Licensing: Basics on Floating Network License As of dSPACE Release 2017-B, floating network licenses for dSPACE software use the CodeMeter licensing technology. This video introduces you to the basics on floating network licenses for dSPACE software. Validation of 5G Automotive Applications LTE and 5G with the dSPACE SCALEXIO HIL system empowers early development and end-to-end validation without local 5G infrastructure. TargetLink Data Dictionary Custom Functionality Adding custom functionality to the TargetLink Data Dictionary Manager Linux-Based V-ECUs in Software-in-the-Loop Taking Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) Testing to the Next Level Raw Data Injection – LIDAR validation and simulation Gain a sneak peek at one of the latest dSPACE labs innovations: injecting simulated raw data directly into a Lidar sensor, to test and validate the sensor and ADAS/AD applications alike. ControlDesk: Handling the 3-D Viewer These tutorial videos show you how to display items in a 3-D environment using the 3-D Viewer instrument. Getting Started with Adaptive AUTOSAR dSPACE tools support the Adaptive Platform to assist your development of Adaptive Applications and Systems. This webcast provides an overview of the Adaptive Workflow and corresponding dSPACE solutions. SIMPHERA - How to enter simpliCity Learn about SIMPHERA, dSPACE's new web-based AD simulation and validation solution. Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package - Part II The Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package provides various improvements for integrating Simscape-Electrical™ (Specialized Power Systems) models Testing of Ultrasonic Sensor Applications A new possibility to test UltrasonicSensors: Over-the-air stimulation of the real sensor in a test bench setup. Data Replay - Validating ADAS/AD with Recorded Data To master safety for ADAS/AD, recorded real-world data is used as an essential step in the homologation and release strategies. Improve Camera Perception Robustness Through Sensor Simulation Generation of synthetic sensor data and injecting it into a System-under-test with just a few clicks How can an AUTOSAR Project be virtually validated in the dSPACE tool chain This video helps you to answer following questions: Which dSPACE tools are used for AUTOSAR virtual validation? How do TargetLink, SystemDesk, VEOS, ControlDesk, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation interact in an AUTOSAR scenario? Physics-Based Sensor Models for High-Fidelity Simulation Physics-based sensor simulation models for camera, lidar and radar sensors enable the accurate modeling of sensor front ends and the generation of sensor realistic simulation data. DARTS Multitarget Capability Simulating and Testing V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) and 5G Automotive Applications Learn more about How to Simulate and Test V2X and 5G Automotive Applications Smart Charging Learn how the Smart Charging Solution can help you switch mobility to electric even faster. What’s New in BMS Testing Technology? Watch this podcast to find how you can set up a test environment to meet today’s BMS technology demands. ASM Vehicle Dynamics Models Various videos using ASM Vehicle Dynamics Models Hardware-in-the-Loop Tool Chain for Euro NCAP Tests One-stop solution for comprehensive test scenarios How to Get to HIL Testing (2/3) – Test Workflow for Beginners Webinar Recording (September 12, 2019): dSPACE demonstrates a basic HIL test workflow. TargetLink Data Dictionary Three-Way Merge Comparing and automatically merging DD files HIL Testing of Power Electronics and Electro-Mechanical Components Recording of online workshop (June 11, 2020) dSPACE Model Compare – Interaction with VCSs You can easily integrate Model Compare into various Version Control Systems (VCS) On-Target Bypassing On-Target Bypassing with TargetLink and the ECU Interfacing Toolchain Basics on CodeMeter Legacy Licensing This video introduces you to the basics of Legacy Licensing using CodeMeter Licenses. Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package - Part I Learn more about how the Electrical Power Systems Simulation (EPSS) tooling from dSPACE enables HIL simulation for even the highest switching frequencies of semiconductors in power electronics From Prototype to Production: HIL for Autonomous Driving This webinar recording will present a flexible and scalable solution for developing validation methods for autonomous development. TargetLink Property Manager Validation Summary The Validation Summary provides information on invalid model data. Getting started with RTMaps RTMaps is designed specifically to let you develop your functions and provide a middleware for execution, as well as a platform for offline simulation, data recording and data replay. Make Your Traffic Simulation Realistic A closer look at how to set up a simulation environment in which the Automotive Simulation Models and AURELION are used in combination with traffic flow simulation software MotionDesk Series of MotionDesk demo videos. ECU Software Development with SystemDesk and EB tresos Studio Webinar Recording (March 27, 2014): This webinar recording demonstrates how to develop ECU software from the software architecture to the basic software with SystemDesk and EB tresos. Emulation of Charging Stations with Real Power Learn more about how the dSPACE Smart Charging Solution can accelerate development processes of failsave high-voltage charging components while lowering development costs Model Compare Quick Guide This video introduces you to key features of Model Compare. Safety in Automotive Software – SOTIF and ISO 26262 Learn more about safety compliant test strategies and best practices including SOTIF and ISO 26262 Autonomous Driving Webinars (5/6): Watchdogs are a Tester’s Best Friends Webinar Recording (September 21, 2017): In this webinar recording you will learn how to easily and effectively define watcher conditions to monitor and measure data in critical traffic scenarios based on dSPACE ASM and ModelDesk Simulation and Testing of Electric Powertrain Systems Recording of online workshop (June 4, 2020) Creating Bus Simulation for RCP, HIL, and SIL Get to know the dSPACE solution for bus simulation in a recording of the demo during the Innovation Coffee Break 800 V Fast Charging with the dSPACE Smart Charging Station Emulator This video proves the functionality and usability of the dSPACE system for testing all cars on the market and in development. Adaptive AUTOSAR Code Generation, powered by TargetLink Develop high quality software for the new ECU generations: with Adaptive AUTOSAR, using a model-based approach, powered by TargetLink. How to Get to HIL Testing (3/3) – HIL Testing and Functional Safety Webinar Recording (Nov 06, 2019): HIL testing as crucial part of the verification and validation process and to assure functional safety. Easy Emulation of Charging Stations – Manipulation Features The manipulation features of the dSPACE Charging Station Emulator enable systematic tests of charging related components and allow full control of communication handling and power electronics. Model Compare Filter Options This video introduces you to different filters in Model Compare. TargetLink Property Manager TargetLink 4.3 ships with an all new Property Manager. This video shows you the new features and basic concepts. New Radar Test Benches for Over-the-Air Testing Learn more about how you can perform realistic testing of radar-based vehicle functions High-Perfomance Data Logging Data logging faces new challenges like new sensors and interfaces, large data quantities and efficient data ingestion. The dSPACE data logging solution enables you to master these challenges. Vehicle Software Verification & Validation Using Virtual ECUs Find out how to use existing standards in the simulation and automotive spaces to provide virtualized solutions that mirror testing with real hardware and tool reuse Testing and Validation of Braking System How to test and validate your entire braking system with the Brake Test Bench, without having to install it in an actual vehicle Function-in-the-Loop Testing via ECU Interfacing How dSPACE ECU Interfaces can connect your ECU to a plant model wihout much effort, using only a single connector. Testing Automotive Radar from Development to Periodic Technical Inspection and Beyond In this video dSPACE’s Alexander Trapp will present a testing and validation solution for automotive radars that uses an over-the-air test approach and radar target simulators. How to Implement a Continuous Integration Workflow with Model-Based Development (MBD) Learn more about how to prepare your production code generator and your Simulink® / TargetLink models for a continuous integration scenario Connectivity Learn more about a novel V2X HIL Solution by dSPACE in cooperation with NORDSYS GmbH: A testing solution for Collective Perception, a new level of V2X enabled applications with the potential to save lives in critical traffic situations. Introduction to the Bus Manager (stand-alone) – Implementing CAN and LIN Communication This video shows you how you can configure CAN and LIN communication by using the Bus Manager (stand-alone) and generate a bus simulation container. Modeling Function Variants with Simulink®/TargetLink Webinar Recording (July 01, 2010): This free dSPACE Webinar demonstrates how to model function variants using Simulink®/TargetLink and implement them by autocoding. MISRA C Made Easy with the TargetLink Ecosystem Webinar Recording (October 10, 2017): How to efficiently exploit the TargetLink ecosystem to achieve MISRA C compliance. What is Data Annotation and Why is it Needed? Overview on what data annotation is, why it is needed, how to get the right data for your algorithms, and how to automate the process. TargetLink for Safety-Related Systems This video gives you an overview of the TargetLink certification and the use of TargetLink for safety-critical applications Autonomous Driving Webinars (2/6): Bring the Real World to your Virtual Test Drives Webinar Recording: Webinar Recording (April 26, 2017): This webinar recording shows how to use the dSPACE ASM tool chain to define test drive scenarios and import real map and traffic data into your test setup Euro NCAP Test Environment Euro NCAP test scenarios for AEB City, Inter-Urban, and AEB VRU (Vulnerable Road User)/Pedestrian, including an overview of the dSPACE tool chain. MicroAutoBox III - Buses and Networks Learn how to reduce complexity by using just one powerful tool: the MicroAutoBox III. Model Compare With Model Compare, you can find all changes, even in large models. Lifecycle Traceability with SYNECT and codebeamer Recording of online workshop (April 8, 2020) Realizing Safety – Scenario Creation and Generation In this Learning Bits episode, Janek Jocheim and Hans J. Holberg introduce a promising approach to generating thousands of scenarios and simulations that involves a high-level language. Model-Based Development According to ISO 26262 Webinar Recording (November 18, 2009): Webinar concerning the requirements of ISO 26262 for safety-relevant systems, right up to ASIL D, the highest safety level. HIL Testing for Electromobility – Let’s Talk About the Striking Advantages Recording of online workshop (September 10, 2020) Validating Next Generation Radar Sensors in the Lab The dSPACE Radar Test Bench – Advanced 6D allows for reproducible and precise tests by over-the-air stimulation of radar sensors in all dimensions. ASM Ground Truth Sensors Realistic simulation of object detection in urban traffic Data Logging and Edge Computing for Autonomous System Development Recording of online workshop (May 7, 2020) Development of e-Drive Control Algorithms Modeling Guidelines – A Short Cut to Great Software Quality In this episode of dSPACE Learning Bits we discuss how you can benefit from modeling guidelines and offer tips on what you can do at the model level to achieve high software quality. Franchissement d'Intersection Vidéo Validating intersection assistant systems – create and visualize a road intersection in 3-D with the dSPACE tool chain. High Performance Real-Time Simulation Recording of panel discussion (Dec. 3, 2020) Scenario Generation: Elevate your test and validation activities with real-world scenarios A roundtrip through the ScenarioGeneration service by dSPACE and Register SCALEXIO and Add Hardware Topology How to create a new ConfigurationDesk project? How to register SCALEXIO in ConfigurationDesk? How to add the SCALEXIO hardware topology in ConfigurationDesk? SIMPHERA – Entering a New Era for AD Development In this podcast a new dSPACE web-based and cloud-ready solution for simulation and validation at scale is introduced – SIMPHERA. SIMPHERA - Seamless automated driving testing on SIL and HIL platforms Learn about SIMPHERA: a brand new solution designed to bring simplicity to the process of simulating and validating your ADAS and AD software - hundreds of ECU software tests at once with the click of a button – on both SIL and HIL platforms Optimizing Controller Code for Electric Drives This webinar recording gives you an overview of hints and best practices on how to optimize a given model in order to achieve the targets imposed by your production hardware. Data Logging Learn about Data Logging for development and validation for autonomous driving functions with the new AUTERA system. Test and validation of ultrasonic parking systems Virtualize the test procedures based on simulation Over The Air, as frontloading the end-to-end testing and validation of the ultrasonic sensor system to the lab can help detecting implementation errors in an early stage of development. Introducing dSPACE AURELION - Powerful Visualization for Sensor-Realistic Simulation In this Learning Bits podcast Caius Seiger explains how AURELION, can be used to test and validate autonomous driving functions with ease. AC Charging Simulation with the dSPACE Smart Charging Station Emulator Testing onboard charger functionality for electric vehicles with the dSPACE Smart Charging Station Emulator Data Replay Validation for Autonomous Driving Learn about synchronous playback of recorded sensor and bus raw data for various application tasks. Three Reasons to Generate Fixed-Point Code from a Floating-Point Model In this Learning Bits podcast, Felix Engel and Markus Gros compare the differences between using fixed-point code and floating-point code in the test process. On-Target Bypassing with TargetLink Webinar Recording (December 07, 2016): dSPACE demonstrates how to perform automotive function development and prototyping with an early focus on production code constraints. How to Add dSPACE Software to an Existing Installation You bought new dSPACE software for an existing installation. To use it, you have to add the new license information during software installation. More Options for Code Generation – Introducing the New TargetLink Add-On Package Find out more about the TargetLink Add-On Package (TLAP). The free of charge successor of TargetLink Utilities and AUTOSAR Utilities How to Achieve Conformance to Standards for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems How to Achieve Conformance to Standards for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems - in this free webinar, Michael Strugholz from dSPACE and Nikhil More from KPIT discuss conformance testing to meet the requirements of relevant charging standards Map Import Generation of road networks from high-definition maps Mechanical Testing An insight into turnkey concepts for closed loop testing on the mechanical power level. ControlDesk - Handling the Hierarchy Array This video shows you how to create and configure a Hierarchy Array instrument. Avoiding Common Bottlenecks in the Data Pipeline Some of the critical issues automotive engineers face when taking on the daunting challenge of creating and maintaining the data pipeline for the development of driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles powered by artificial intelligence. Maneuver-Based Engine Tests Maneuver-based test drives on an engine test bench Virtual Testing vs. Real-World Testing Differences and benefits and how you can reach a new level of testing realism in a 3-D world. Sensor-Realistic Simulation Simulation is the key to validate function for autonomous driving and ADAS. Creating 3D Content for Sensor Simulation In this podcast episode Matthias Thurau discusses the many advantages of testing in a virtual environment and explains how you can create 3D content using dSPACE tools. Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Real-Time Simulation Simulation of P2 hybrid powertrain architectures Powerful HIL Solutions to Expand Test Coverage of Modern Power Electronics Recording of online workshop (May 20, 2021) Boost Your Simulink / TargetLink Modeling Efficiency Watch this Learning Bits podcast, featuring Model Engineering Solutions (MES), to see how you can save time and develop safer models. Reaching a High Degree of Safety with MicroAutoBox III In this Learning Bits episode Tim Förster addresses prototyping safety precautions, provides tips on how to handle functional safety errors, and introduces a solution for achieving functional safety. Platooning Simulation with ASM Realistic simulation of object detection in urban traffic Real Data Replay for AI Training Recording of online workshop (July 23, 2020) Safety for Automated Vehicles Why vehicle manufacturers and suppliers need to pay attention to SOTIF For Academia: Solutions for Designing, Controlling and Testing Autonomous Systems Recording of online workshop (July 30, 2020) Accelerate Your Innovations with dSPACE Prototyping Systems Watch to see how you can focus on your development tasks with ready-to-use systems. Data Management, from Data Selection to KPI Extraction Find out more about how to simplify ADAS and AD data collection using versatile tagging techniques and optimized cloud-based data management Webinar - Introducing AUTOSAR, Workflows and Tools Webinar Recording (June 30, 2011): This free webinar, hosted by dSPACE and Elektrobit, provides a basic introduction to the up-and-coming AUTOSAR standard for developing in-vehicle software. University of Michigan: Implementing Controllers on Real Machines Watch how the University of Michigan uses equipment from dSPACE in training classes to implement controllers on real machines. Automotive Software Development Process Engineering Recording of online workshop (June 18, 2020) Data Annotation Learn how this automation can save you cost and time. Generating virtual ECUs without AUTOSAR Webinar Recording (November 25, 2015): Generate virtual ECUs in non-AUTOSAR projects Autonomous Driving Webinars (4/6): Sensor Simulation: Key to Autonomous Driving Development Webinar Recording (June 28, 2017): In this webinar recording dSPACE shows the different dSPACE solutions for sensor simulations: starting from ground truth sensor models to raw data stimulation via GPU-based physical sensor models. What are virtual ECUs? Have you ever wondered what virtual ECUs are? Let’s look at them from two different perspectives: the function developer’s point of view and the HIL tester’s point of view. Testing Highly Automated Driving Testing automated driving functions by means of simulation Autonomous Emergency Braking Detection of vulnerable road users Living MBD (1/5) – Modern Model-Based Development Webinar Recording (February 19, 2019): our series “Living MBD” addresses modern approaches to mastering the challenges of model-based software development. Developing Blind Spot Detection Systems with dSPACE ASM Modern blind spot detection systems can help to avoid critical situations for vulnerable road users. dSPACE ASM enable you to develop these solutions efficientely and virtually. dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare Workflow Watch these two videos to see the simple workflow in the tool and learn about the rule-based merge functionality for the fully automated merging of files. Early Software Validation: Techniques and Standards Recording of online workshop (June 25, 2020) Refining Your AUTOSAR Tool Chain Track changes, merge file and automate your AUTOSAR tool chain. Recording of our Innovation Coffee Break demo. Simulation - The Key to Validating Functions for Autonomous Driving Recording of online workshop (October 22, 2020) Scalable Cloud Simulation Learn how to enhance your test strategy with the Scenario-based Testing approach and scale up your SIL Simulation using cloud infrastructure. Real-World vs. Simulation - Testing Camera-Based Functions for AD Find out more about different approaches that can be used in testing to mix and match simulation possibilities, including data replay, closed-loop simulation, fully virtual simulation, and incorporating pre-recorded videos Développement basé sur modèle pour les logiciels compatibles avec AUTOSAR 4.0 et AUTOSAR 3.2 Webinar Recording (March 03, 2012): Ce séminaire gratuit démontre comment les composants logiciels peuvent être développés efficacement pour les dernières versions 4.0 et 3.2 d'AUTOSAR. La chaîne d'outils utilisée pour le développement est basée sur. Functional Mock-up Interface - Webinar Recording Webinar Recording (November 12, 2015): This webinar recording demonstrates how to exploit the features of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) with the dSPACE tool chain. dSPACE Model Compare – Enhanced Visualization for User-Specific Blocks In Model Compare, you can customize the visualization for user-specific blocks according your individual needs Best Practices for Using Git with TargetLink With Git and TargetLink, you can create your models and achieve workflow optimization in 4 easy steps. Complete Data-Driven Development for Autonomous Vehicle Implementation Recording of online workshop (September 17, 2020) Dealing with Increasing Communication Demands for Evolving ECU Architectures Recording of online workshop (March 11, 2021) Over-the-Air Radar Testing: High Resolution and High Bandwidth for Automotive Applications Learn how to test and validate these types of sensors with the new dSPACE Automotive Radar Test System, DARTS 9040-G, with its true 5 GHz bandwidth. Université de Tokyo: Un robot ultra rapide Un robot jouant au base-ball fait la démonstration parfaite de la technique du lancer et de la frappe Autonomous parking in a parking garage Validate parking assistant systems with the dSPACE tool chain. Production Software Development for E-Mobility Applications with TargetLink When developing algorithms for e-Drive control, realtime performance and flexible mapping to hardware are the foundation for successful software development. Discover our solutions for production software development. Keys for Successful Testing of Autonomous Vehicle ECUs / HPCs Recording of online workshop (March 25, 2021) Bring Your Ideas to Life with Powerful Development Tools Recording of online workshop (April 27, 2021) AI in Data Selection Intempora IVS helps you to manage these data lakes and choose the right data. ASM Kinematics and Compliance Designing and Testing Wheel Suspensions More Efficiently ControlDesk: Handling the Table Editor - Views These tutorial videos show you how to use the different views in the Table Editor. PCM Converter Import of real traffic accidents from GIDAS into traffic simulations Defining Boundaries – Communicating with Your ECU’s Software In this episode, Tim Foerster presents different solutions for managing the task of ECU interfacing Edge Computing Learn more about how edge computing can benefit the development process for autonomous vehicles Mechatronic Testbench: 3D Motion Platforms Our Innovation Coffee Break presents the dSPACE 3-D Motion Platform - THE platform for testing and validating support systems like electronic stability control (ESC). Code Coverage & ISO 26262 – Is it Really Dead? In this Learning Bits podcast we explore how much code coverage we can and should really achieve Power HIL – Game Changing Technology for Testing Motor Inverters Power HIL testing closes the gap between HIL and dynamometer testing. Watch our video and learn why this technology is a game changer for testing motor controllers. Developing and Testing Hybrid ECUs with ASMs Webinar Recording (March 16, 2011): This free-of-charge dSPACE webinar demonstrates how to create a real-time-capable powertrain simulation with the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs). Integration of Elektrobit Basic Software in a Virtual ECU for Diagnostic Testing Webinar Recording (June 14, 2018): dSPACE and Elektrobit demonstrate how basic software modules can be integrated in a virtual ECU. Testing Sensors for Autonomous Systems Testing options for validating autonomous system sensors. Creating a Dynamic Virtual World for Testing Autonomous Driving Systems Recording of online workshop (May 21, 2020) Tagging vs. Labeling - What’s the Difference? How to establish an efficient data-capturing process for large data streams. 30 Years of dSPACE 30 Years – Time to Celebrate! Our summer party on June 29/30, 2018 was all about our company anniversary. Over-the-air testing - DARTS Over-the-air testing – how can real-world signals be emulated? dSPACE TargetLink Overview With dSPACE TargetLink, you can configure the code generation process to get exactly the production code you want. Data Enrichment and Scenario Generation for AI Training and Testing Recording of online workshop (May 14, 2020) Logging Raw Data with Lightning-Fast Speed Steps you need to take to ensure the precise recording of raw data and the use of highly synchronized sensors. Testing Automotive Radar ECUs and Software Recording of online workshop (May 6, 2021) AutomationDesk: Introduction to the Test Builder Library This video series gives you an introduction to the advantages and the basic principles of using the Test Builder library. SYNECT Le logiciel de gestion de données de dSPACE – pour gérer vos données complexes en toute sécurité, efficacement et de façon centralisée. 3-D Motion Platforms Testing control devices with integrated motion sensors How to Add New Licenses when Working with Multiple Dongles This video walks you through adding new licenses for additional dongles to your dSPACE installation. Variant-Based Testing with HIL Systems – The Elegant way Webinar Recording (April 18, 2018): dSPACE shows you how HIL systems can be automatically prepared and used for testing different ECU versions and variants to achieve the best possible testing efficiency Save Test Systems for Test Executions – Perform the Test Evaluation Elsewhere Webinar Recording (Oct 30, 2019): Save Test Systems for Test Executions – Perform the Test Evaluation Elsewhere AUTERA AUTERA is the new in-vehicle prototyping and data logging system for autonomous driving applications. Shape the autonomous era! Smart Data Logging Discover how artificial intelligence can be used in cars to reduce the amount of data for the development of autonomous driving functions with Smart Data Logging 8 Tips for Data Logging Find out more about how you can make sure your data logging processes are efficient and reliable Challenges and Solutions for Communication Matrix Handling In this Learning Bits episode you learn about solutions for managing communication matrices in vehicle communications. AutomationDesk: A Simple Application Demo of the Test Builder Library This video series demonstrates the benefits of using the Test Builder library by implementing a simple test. DAF : Rouler à vitesse constante Cette vidéo montre comment le système Safe-Speed fonctionne dans des conditions d'utilisation simulées. Mitsubishi Pikes Peak La Mitsubishi MiEV EvolutionII est équipée d’une MicroAutoBox de dSPACE. How to Add New Licenses After Removing All License Information This video helps you solve the following problem: You removed all licenses from dSPACE Installation Manager and can no longer add any licenses for additional dongles. MotionDesk Lighting Conditions Improved simulation of realistic lighting conditions in MotionDesk Michigan Technological University: Efficient Platooning Watch how cooperative and predictive control strategies boost energy efficiency in automated vehicles. MicroAutoBox III The new MicroAutoBox III is the next generation of the established dSPACE MicroAutoBox, a real-time system for performing fast, in-vehicle function prototyping dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare Overview Our new product dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare is the tool for securing and speeding up your AUTOSAR workflow. RTMaps for Students Prepare yourself for a career as a software engineer and join the RTMaps community now! Jump Start Your E-Mobility Function Development How to measure electric currents, how to establish communication interfaces between high- and low-voltage components, how to achieve high-switching frequencies to achieve good behavior and control, and much more. Data Logging for the Data-Driven Development Pipeline: Today and Tomorrow Find out how to make data logging approaches in ADAS/AD development more sustainable Realizing Safety – Rules and Observers In this Learning Bits episode, Janek Jocheim and Hans J. Holberg explain the differences and discuss the importance of establishing rules and observers for the system under test. Mastering DO-178C Using Model-Based Design and Autocoding Webinar Recording (May 28, 2015): How to use model-based methods for DO-178C- and DO-331-compliant software development ASM Traffic – Roadworks Video: Lane Detection for Automated Driving Autonomous Parking Accurate detection of contours via ray-based sensor models Variable Message Signs Detection and interpretation of variable message signs and traffic lights in autonomous driving simulations. Can diagnostic tests be virtualized? Using the dSPACE virtual validation tool chain and virtual ECUs, you can test diagnostics without a real ECU. NXP's BlueBox 3.0 Automotive High Performance Compute Development Platform The NXP BlueBox 3.0 is a development platform that provides the required performance, functional safety, and automotive reliability for engineers to develop safe automotive high-performance compute solutions for ADAS and zonal control architectures. Développement efficace de composants logiciels AUTOSAR Webinar Recording (March 02, 2010): Learn more about us and our products at international trade shows and conferences TargetLink Ecosystem – Early Detection of Runtime Errors and Resource Problems Webinar Recording (September 24, 2014): Early Detection of Runtime Errors and Resource Problems by Combining Model-Based Design and Static Analysis. Traffic Scenario Simulation to Test Functions of Driver Assistance Systems Webinar Recording (May 09, 2011): This free-of-charge dSPACE webinar demonstrates how to create traffic scenario simulations with the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs). How to Get to Requirements-Based Testing Webinar Recording (March 24, 2015): This webinar recording shows you how to perform requirements-based testing for all development and testing phases, from software unit to system level tests, from manual to automated testing. Proven Radar Test Benches for Over-the-Air Testing and Advancement Recording of online workshop (February 25, 2021) Webinaire : SIMPHERA, la solution web hautement évolutive de simulation et de validation de fonctions pour la conduite autonome Webinaire (21 avril 2022) : Ce séminaire web présentera comment SIMPHERA réduit le temps nécessaire aux tests en exécutant des scénarios de simulation en parallèle dans le cloud. Generation of Virtual Electronic Control Units Webinar Recording (July 08, 2013): This webinar recording demonstrates how to generate virtual electronic control units based on AUTOSAR. Tula Technology Le rendement énergétique exceptionnelle que fournit Tula, contribue à un environnement plus propre, réduit la dépendance en pétrole et permet au consommateur d'effectuer des économies considérables lors du passage à la pompe. SCALEXIO LabBox, du prototypage rapide au test HIL Webinar Recording (December 08, 2016): Au-delà de la présentation du SCALEXIO LabBox, ce séminaire web présentera les différents cas d’utilisations de ce produit, les perspectives futures avant de conclure par une démonstration de sa mise en œuvre. How to Get the Best out of Your HIL Systems Webinar Recording (May 10, 2017): dSPACE shows you how to quickly optimize the use of HIL systems, become ISO-26262-compliant, perform requirements-based testing, and achieve 24/7 HIL operation. P3 – Sensor-based Driving This video shows a demo vehicle from P3 equipped with sensors and instruments to support the development of autonomous driving functions. In this vehicle, P3 uses RTMaps and MicroAutoBox to capture and process sensor data University of Michigan: From 3-D Printing to 3-D Sprinting Watch how a unique algorithm enables 3-D printing at twice the speed. Living MBD (2/5) – Real-World Validation of Production Code Webinar Recording (March 27, 2019): learn how to deploy and validate a model’s production code in the real world. Sensor Simulation How can Sensor Simulation Help Make Autonomous Cars Safer? Validation virtuelle - l’étape clé des tests du véhicule autonome Enregistrement du séminaire web (22 octobre 2020) : Validation virtuelle - l’étape clé des tests du véhicule autonome Vos applications e-Drive sur la nouvelle plateforme MicroAutoBox III Webinaire (04 Mars 2021) : La mise en œuvre d’applications e-Drive sur la nouvelle plateforme MicroAutoBox III, qui inaugure une nouvelle architecture à base de processeur ARM 4 cœurs High Bandwidth Data Logging with AUTERA Watch how we demonstrate the remarkable logging bandwidth of over 50Gbit/s of our AUTERA platform. Testing Automotive Radar ECUs and Software Recording of online workshop (May 6, 2021) The University of Adelaide: Diwheel Defies Gravity Australian Students developed an Upside Down Vehicle ASM/ModelDesk These eight videos give you an even deeper insight into the functions of ASM and ModelDesk. Implémentez vos modèles Simscape Power Systems™ sur SCALEXIO Enregistrement du séminaire web (28 Septembre 2017) : vous présentant la nouvelle solution Electrical Power Systems Simulation permettant d’implémenter des modèles Simscape Power Systems™ Achieve functional safety for autonomous driving – but how? Are you dreaming of perfectly specified test goals and processes for functions for automated driving? In reality, established process structures don’t match the corresponding requirements. Here’s how we can fix that. Living MBD (5/5) – AUTOSAR: A Modern Plug-and-Play Approach Webinar Recording (Nov 27, 2019): how to efficiently develop and test AUTOSAR-compliant software all the way from the software architecture to best-in-class production code dSPACE World Conference 2019 Wrap-Up Video More than 500 automotive industry experts from 30 countries came together to be inspired by presentations from global players and innovation leaders. This wrap-up video summarizes all the highlights. Challenges in Data Logging for Autonomous Systems Learn how you can overcome challenges in data logging for autonomous systems and offers a solution that goes way beyond simple data storage. University of Waterloo – Developing Smart, Fuel-Saving Technology UWAFT is effectively managing its software controls development tasks and utilizing rapid testing between simulated and real-time environments. Four Ways to Detect Undesired Changes During a Tool Version Migration Recording of online workshop (October 15, 2020) The Importance of Partner Ecosystems in Tech Why is it important to establish partner ecosystems and what are the benefits that can be realized dSPACE Inc.: Company Video Company video of dSPACE Inc., USA Time Plotter View Modes and Signal Arrangement How do I make multiple signals visible in the Time Plotter? How can I change the order of the signals in stacked view? Autonomous Driving Webinars (1/6): Challenge Accepted: Validating Autonomous Driving Functions Webinar Recording (March 29, 2017): This webinar recording shows the introduction to our webinar series that addresses the validation of autonomous driving functions. Electric Mobility How can you manage complexity in modern vehicle systems? Data Ingestion: From the Car to the Data Center in No Time Efficient data uploads and a clear overview of the data acquisition process with dSPACE Pinpointing Vehicle Software Errors – The Sooner the Better Find out more about what you need to set up your lab to get a head start on early vehicle software testing General Motors: Buick Regal Turbo Charged Engine Electronics engineering for the Buick Regal Turbo Charged Engine. Ohio State University : Un nouveau degré HIL dans l'EcoCAR Par cette présentation, l'équipe apporte la démonstration technique du développement continu apporté à son installation HIL. TargetLink Ecosystem MES Webinar Recording (April 30, 2014): This webinar recording focuses on automated guideline checking and model analysis with the MES Model Examiner and MES M-XRAY to ensure transparent and easily inspectable TargetLink models. TargetLink Ecosystem BTC Webinar Recording (January 29, 2014): This webinar recording demonstrates how to test and verify Simulink/TargetLink models and production code in an integrated process. AUTOSAR 4.0 – Architecture and Behavior Modeling Made Easy Webinar Recording (December 04, 2012): AUTOSAR 4.0 – Architecture and Behavior Modeling Made Easy Optimiser les workflows AUTOSAR avec les conteneurs de composants Webinar Recording (May 25, 2011): Ce webinar dSPACE gratuit explique comment développer un logiciel d'application AUTOSAR en toute simplicité grâce à SystemDesk et TargetLink. Midwest User Conference 2014 Regardez la vidéo sur la Conférence Utilisateurs organisée par dSPACE Inc. et sur la présentation de la nouvelle MicroLabBox de dSPACE! dSPACE Technology Conference 2015 Watch the video on dSPACE’s 2015 Technology Conference! Prototypage rapide de fonctions ADAS avec dSPACE et Intempora Webinar Recording (June 23, 2016): dSPACE vous invite à prendre part à un séminaire web gratuit sur la thématique du prototypage rapide appliqué au domaine du moteur thermique. Highly Automated Driving on Highways Configuring Construction Site Scenarios and Testing Automated Driving Functions From Textual Requirements to Requirement Observers Webinar Recording (November 08, 2016): dSPACE and BTC demonstrate how to use the dSPACE RTT Observer Library and the BTC Embedded Specifier to generate executable requirement observers from informal textual requirements and run them on dSPACE platforms. Les solutions dSPACE autour du test automatique. Enregistrement du séminaire web (19 Janvier 2017) : L’éditeur de tests sous forme de signaux dans AutomationDesk. Autonomous Driving Webinars (3/6): Taming the Test Crowd with Cluster Simulation Webinar Recording (June 01, 2017): This webinar recording discusses key questions of how to handle increasing test numbers using a simulation cluster, outlines its design process, and gives a demonstration of a VEOS-based example cluster Making the Traceability Connection from ALM to Model-Based Engineering Tools Webinar Recording (August 8, 2018): how you can achieve end-to-end traceability between Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM) tools and model-based engineering tools Obtenez un logiciel de qualité conforme à l’ISO 26262 grâce à des outils certifiés Enregistrement du séminaire web (27 Septembre 2018) : Obtenez un logiciel de qualité conforme à l’ISO 26262 grâce à des outils certifiés Implémentez et Testez vos modèles Simcenter Amesim sur SCALEXIO Enregistrement du séminaire web (25 Octobre 2018) : Réalisez, simplifiez et testez vos modèles Simcenter Amesim en co-simulation sur plateforme dSPACE Living MBD (3/5) – Getting Rid of Code Reviews Webinar Recording (June 05, 2019): how to get rid of code reviews by frontloading all manual validation steps to the model level. Simuler ses capteurs avec succès, dans le monde virtuel Cette session sera dédiée à la simulation de capteurs en monde virtuel et vous montrera les différentes étapes à mettre en place pour obtenir une simulation détaillée et complète, base d’une validation de fonctions réussie ! Living MBD (4/5) – Passing the Ball – Multiplayer MBD Webinar Recording (September 24, 2019): how to efficiently play the MBD game with large and distributed teams: Design, Develop, Test, Repeat. MicroAutoBox III : La nouvelle génération de MicroAutoBox dédiée au prototypage rapide Enregistrement du séminaire web (26 mars 2020) : MicroAutoBox III : La nouvelle génération de MicroAutoBox dédiée au prototypage rapide Comment aller plus loin dans le test du véhicule autonome avec des modèles de capteurs hyper réalistes ? Enregistrement du séminaire web (14 mai 2020) : dSPACE intervient dans le webinaire de L’Embarqué Vos algorithmes cadencés à la microseconde, et en dessous, grâce aux FPGA Vidéo de l'atelier en ligne (2 juillet 2020) : méthodes et outils à base de FPGA pour accélérer vos algorithmes à des cadences jusqu’alors inaccessibles aux systèmes temps réel Découvrez une suite d’outils complète et intégrée pour les ADAS et la conduite autonome Webinaire (17 Septembre 2020) : Découvrir les enjeux et les solutions innovantes qui permettent de répondre aux exigences pour le développement, la simulation, le test et la validation des systèmes ADAS/AD Comment programmer les bus de terrain de la MicroAutoBox III avec l’outil Bus Manager ? Webinaire (20 Août 2020) : Comment programmer les bus de terrain de la MicroAutoBox III avec l’outil Bus Manager AUTERA - La plateforme dédiée au développement de la mobilité autonome Enregistrement du séminaire web : (1 Octobre 2020) : La nouvelle plateforme AUTERA et ses champs d’application AUTERA, la plateforme dSPACE dédiée au data logging des capteurs de perception Webinaire (17 décembre 2020) : Acquisition de capteur de perception et prototypage d’algorithme de traitement de données. Smart Charging : Étape clé des tests du véhicule électrique ou hybride rechargeable Webinaire (04 Mars 2021) : gratuit orienté sur la plateforme AUTERA et ses champs d’application grâce le logiciel RTMAPS : acquisition, enregistrement, traitement et fusion en temps réel de données multi-capteurs. Why is Automated Labeling Essential for Autonomous Driving? Recording of online workshop (November 12, 2020) Webinaire : Tests radar avec le simulateur de cible radar dSPACE Webinaire (30 septembre 2021) : La ligne de produits DARTS pour le test de radars par la simulation de cibles, quel que soit la portée et avec tout type de modulation.

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