Guided State Test Process with SYNECT and AutomationDesk

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If you want to establish efficient collaboration in your test team, you need an easy and understandable process and unambiguous communication. Collaboration is now an embedded feature in our dSPACE testing solution with SYNECT and AutomationDesk. Common data management for test cases and automatisms for the execution of implemented test cases make collaboration easy and intuitive.

In this Innovation Coffee Break, you can experience a typical workflow between test manager and test developer, demonstrated by our colleagues Claudia Hollmann and Hartmut Jürgens. See them working smoothly together, even though they work on different continents with a massive time shift.


Claudia Hollmann

Claudia Hollmann

Product Manager Synect, dSPACE GmbH

Hartmut Jürgens

Hartmut Jürgens

Product Manager Testing & Data Management, dSPACE GmbH

Further Information


    数据管理和协作软件,特别注重基于模型的开发和 ECU 。

  • AutomationDesk

    该软件还是一款强大的测试编写和自动化工具,用于对电控单元 (ECU) 进行 HIL 测试。

  • Using AutomationDesk with SYNECT
    Using AutomationDesk with SYNECT

    These videos show how to synchronize AutomationDesk sequences with SYNECT test cases.


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