“Empowering Future Mobility Solutions” was the motto of the first dSPACE World Conference, where industry leaders from all over the world gave attendees a glimpse of their latest development activities. dSPACE showcased its unique chain of solutions for data- and scenario-driven development as well as a comprehensive solution portfolio for developing and testing e-mobility applications.

The first dSPACE World Conference took place in November 2019 in Munich, Germany. More than 500 automotive industry experts from 30 countries came together, taking a break from their day-to-day business, to be inspired by presentations from global players and innovation leaders. The participants also used the conference as a platform to discuss pioneering solutions in the areas of e-mobility and autonomous driving with other industry experts.

Martin Goetzeler, CEO of dSPACE GmbH, opens the conference.

Partner for Simulation and Validation

“Amid the dynamic transformation of our industry, the dSPACE World Conference has provided concepts and solutions for the challenges that our customers are currently facing,” said Martin Goetzeler, CEO of dSPACE. Developing electric and autonomous vehicles brings about new requirements for simulation, validation, and homologation. “In this environment, dSPACE has clearly positioned itself as a reliable partner for simulation and validation,” added Goetzeler.

Exhibition Highlights

In addition to the presentations, the conference focused on new technologies and solutions from dSPACE and its partners. dSPACE employees demonstrated around 30 exhibits, showing how vehicle manufacturers can test batteries or motors for electric cars and how they can bring autonomous driving onto the road faster by using end-to-end solutions. An important part of the exhibition was the solution offering for a data-driven development process, which was fully represented from data recording and scenario generation to cloud testing and validation with the demo stations.

Thank You

dSPACE would like to extend a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to all of our speakers, guests, and partners. We appreciate your commitment and enjoyed spending time with you during the two conference days. We are looking forward to seeing you again at the next dSPACE World Conference.



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