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FAQ 132: Restoring the ControlDesk Instrument Selector

The ControlDesk Instrument Selector is empty. How can I restore it and get back the Default Instruments?

  • 2021년10월05일

Tutorial Video: Model Compare Quick Guide

This video introduces you to key features of Model Compare.

  • 2021년09월27일

ControlDesk: Adding Signals from Measurement Data Files

The Adding Signals from Measurement Data Files utility lets you add signals from measurement data files to a plotter if the signals correspond to currently measured signals.

  • 2021년09월15일

Tabular Project Editor for SystemDesk 5.5

This SystemDesk utility allows an alternative view and editing possibility of the elements and their attributes located in the Project Library or a subfolder of it.

  • 2021년07월12일

Create File Assignments for SystemDesk 5.5

This utility for SystemDesk simplifies the process if the file assignment shall be similar to the AUTOSAR package structure of the project.

  • 2021년07월12일

Tutorial Video: TargetLink Property Manager Validation Summary

The Validation Summary is one of the Property Manager panes. It provides information on invalid model data and lets you investigate validation errors.

  • 2021년07월12일

Tutorial Video: TargetLink Data Dictionary Three-Way Merge

Comparing and automatically merging Data Dictionary files.

  • 2021년07월12일

Tutorial Video: TargetLink Data Dictionary Custom Functionality

The TargetLink Data Dictionary Manager allows you to add custom functionality.

  • 2021년07월12일

Test Solution Package (TSP) for Release 2020-B

The Test Solution Package is a product bundle that contains a set of products for efficient ECU testing in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) environments.

  • 2021년07월05일

IP Protection for Model Containers

This application note describes how dSPACE software tools help to protect intellectual property (IP) for model containers in the toolchain.

  • 2021년06월18일
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News items 1-10 of 22

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