dSPACE Release 2022-B (November 2022)

The main innovations of dSPACE Release 2022-B are outlined below.      

Product Details
ASM 2022-B / ModelDesk 2022-B
  • Default ASM Traffic demo models prepared for use with AURELION
  • Global XY-positioning of traffic objects i ModelDesk Road Editor
  • Improved Support of RoadRunner OpenDRIVE files
  • New ASM Battery Package
  • Fuel Cell Ejector Model
  • Fuel cell parameterization
  • Improved navigation in ModelDesk for electric components for more convenient user access to the ASM blocks
  • Improved parameterization and parameter interpretation for pitman arm steering systems
AutomationDesk 2022-B
  • Linux Version for AutomationDesk (Planned for Q1 2023)
Bus Manager 2022-B
  • Triggering the transmission of multiplexed IPDUs via static part IPDUs
  • Generating ISignals for update bits of ISignal groups
  • Enhanced bus configuration tables
  • Enhancements for implementing global time synchronization (GTS) in executable applications
  • Enhanced SecOC Authenticator invalidation feature
  • Accessing parent elements of elements in the Buses Browser and the bus configuration tables via the ConfigurationDesk automation interface
  • Modernized user interface 
Calibration API Package 2022-B
  • New product
  • Calibration service for V-ECUs in VEOS for LINUX and in LINUX dockers
ConfigurationDesk 2022-B and
MIPS 2022-B
  • Improved FPGA workflow through new FGPA containers generated by the FGPA Programming Blockset: ensuring consistency and reuse of FGPA functions and their scaling functions modled in Simulink is now easier
  • Import of bus simulation containers (BSC files) generated by the Ethernet Configuration Package
  • Support of DS6330-M3 10BASE-T1S board
  • Status and diagnostic information in the Ethernet Setup and CAN Setup functions
  • Support of the SCALEXIO Real-Time PC variant HCP P04
  • Support of binary FMUs with linux64 or linux32 shared objects
  • Support of FMUs that create several parallel threads on multiple cores
  • New demo with a commented FMU to easily get started with the FMI standard
  • The Propagate, Generate New Simulink Model Interface, and Auto-Mapping workflows now fully support Simulink.Bus objects. This enables the benefits of using typed structured Data Port blocks in Simulink for connecting bus configurations whose signal names contain whitespaces or other characters (names not supported for the creation of MATLAB® variables)
  • Several usability enhancements
ControlDesk 2022-B
  • New versioning scheme
  • New product: Bus Navigator (stand-alone)
  • New breadcrumb control in variables pane and in the Measurement Data Pool
  • Store data logging configuration in real-time application (RTA) file
  • Uniform resource identifier (URI) for variables
dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare 2022-B
  • Support for AUTOSAR Release R21-11
dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 2022-B
  • Global time synchronization for dynamic PDUs
  • Setting of source switch variables can be changed at once for all PDUs
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
Model Compare 2022-B
  • Improved Difference Overview with subsystem marker and support for new OPC MDL format (since MATLAB® R2021b)
  • Further improvements for use from a version control system like Git or in CI workflows
  • More efficient and convenient filter specification for block types and properties via wildcards (* and ?)
  • Improved support for bus blocks leads to an easier identification of changes in comparison results in MOC UI and MOC comparison reports
  • New tutorial video: Model Compare 3-Way Merge
ModelDesk 2022-B
  • See ASM 22.2
Platform API Package 2022-B
  • Querying of detailed variable metadata enabled by an extended Varaibleinfo interface
Real-Time Testing 2022-B
  • Crosscompatibility of MicroAutoBox III back to dSPACE Release 2022-A
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 2022-B
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 2022-B
  • FGPA cotainers can include scaling models for SCALEXIO and MicroAutoBox III
  • Model report (overview of the resource usage of the FGPA and information about the build process)
  • Model backup (automatic creation of a backup for each build)
  • Word length calculator (for calculating an optimal fixed-point data type for a user-defined floating-point value)
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 2022-B
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Improvements for customer-specific review extensions
SystemDesk 2022-B
  • Export of V-ECUs as FMUs compliant with the FMI 3.0 standard
  • XCP service integration in V-ECU FMUs
  • Linux Support for E-ECU FMUs
  • Support of the newest AUTOSAR Release 21-11 for Classic and Adaptive Platform
  • Application Note for Using SystemDesk in Build Pipelines
  • Contract header export for MCAL modules, Sab, Dap, and Os
TargetLink 2022-B
  • n-D Interpolation block
  • AUTOSAR INOUT parameters
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR: ara::core:Array support
  • Stateflow temporal count
  • Headless Linux support (separate from dSPACE Release)
VEOS 2022-B
  • Native build and integration on LINUX for FMU, V-ECU and SIC
  • Target compiler update for GCC and MSVC
MATLAB® support
  • R2021a
  • R2021b
  • R2022a
  • R2022b
Operating system support
  • Linux Ubuntu 20.04
  • Windows® 10 GAC 21H2 1)
  • Windows® 10 LTSC 1809 1)
  • Windows® 10 LTSC 21H2 1)
  • Windows® 11 GAC 21H2 2)
  • Windows® Server LTSC 2019 (version 1809)
1) For information on Windows® 10 support, refer to Windows 10 support
2) For information on Windows® 11 support, refer to Windows 11 support.

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