New DS1554 Engine Control I/O Module

Published: July 13, 2016

For MicroAutoBox variants with a DS1514 FPGA Base Board, dSPACE now offers the DS1554 Engine Control I/O Module that upgrades the compact in-vehicle prototyping unit to an even more powerful system for addressing the most complex tasks in advanced combustion engine control. The DS1554 provides dedicated I/O interfaces for engine control applications, such as digital I/O channels for crank/cam processing and for generating injection/ignition pulses. Moreover, it is equipped with several analog I/O channels, e.g., for pressure measurement and knock detection. Even dedicated channels for lambda1) processing are available. All these interfaces have a very low-latency, direct connection to the Xilinx® Kintex®-7 FPGA of the DS1514 FPGA Base Board. Due to this the MicroAutoBox II can compute and generate multiple pulses, e.g., for injection and ignition, within a running combustion cycle. This in-cycle control strategy opens up new possibilities, such as immediately reacting to abnormal combustion states, improving combustion stability and controlling cycle-to-cycle fluctuations, thus paving the way for novel combustion engine concepts like gasoline-controlled autoignition (GCAI).

  1) Software support planned for later releases.

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