I/O Extensions for the Simulink-Programmable FPGA1) of MicroAutoBox II

Flexible Extension

The FPGA technology integrated in MicroAutoBox II addresses use scenarios with varying I/O requirements. For greater flexibility, the I/O converters are outsourced to separate add-on modules, which can easily be integrated into the MicroAutoBox II variants 1401/1511/1514 and 1401/1513/1514 (only one module at a time). It is easy to change the modules later on.

Three Available I/O Modules

  • The DS1552 Multi-I/O Module is a universal I/O module that offers many powerful I/O converters and several interfaces. For example, it can be used for FPGA-based cylinder pressure indication.
  • The DS1553 AC Motor Control Module is an I/O module with I/O optimized for controlling various electric drives.
  • The DS1554 Engine Control I/O Module is an I/O module tailored for the advanced control of combustion engines. Together with the powerful FPGA of the MicroAutoBox DS1514 variants it allows control interventions even during an active combustion cycle.

Programming Options

  DS1552 Multi-I/O Module DS1553
AC Motor Control Module
DS1554 Engine Control I/O Module Customer-Specific Solution via dSPACE Engineering Services
Dedicated RTI blockset – 2) optional
Xilinx® tools plus RTI FPGA Programming Blockset1) 3) optional
VHDL optional


1) Programming via Simulink requires the RTI FPGA Programming Blockset.
2) Blockset support by the XSG Advanced Engine Control Library.
3) XSG AC Motor Control Library is required for the I/O framework.

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