Easily Exchanging Simulink® Models

To make the exchange of Simulink® models easy, dSPACE offers the Model Interface Package for Simulink (MIPS) for generating Simulink implementation container (SIC) files.

With MIPS and Simulink Coder, modeling experts can generate SIC files on base of their Simulink models. These container files include all the necessary code and artifacts for executing the models in different projects, on different dSPACE simulation platforms, such as VEOS, SCALEXIO, and MicroAutoBox III. After the SIC is generated, MATLAB and Simulink do not have to be installed on the PC where ConfigurationDesk and VEOS are used. 

ConfigurationDesk offers the capability to compile the model code the SIC files contain in advance and store a resulting library file back into the container. This reduces the compile time in subsequent build processes, e.g., if the same SIC is used in multiple real-time applications.

Furthermore, ConfigurationDesk provides the option for removing the source code from a SIC file after compiling the SIC in advance, which protects your intellectual property in workflows where you transfer the SIC to other parties.

ConfigurationDesk, to a certain extent, also supports SIC files that were generated with an earlier release of MIPS. This enables you to still use your unmodified and previously tested SIC files after migrating to a new ConfigurationDesk version. Since MIPS also supports MATLAB versions as many as four earlier releases and you can build multimodel applications based on SICs generated on different MATLAB versions.  

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