Road Generator

The Road Generator is the graphical user interface for defining road networks and sophisticated road features. Roads can be assembled from geometric segments or imported. Features such as lanes, intersections, height, inclination, surface condition, etc. can easily be added to a road by editing attributes that are displayed in 1-D diagrams. The whole road network is visualized in a 2-D view. The road design also interacts closely with the 3-D animation software MotionDesk to define the environment. The Road Generator gives ideal support to complex traffic scenario creation in the development and testing of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Main Features

  • Support for vehicle dynamics and advanced driver assistance traffic scenarios
  • Segment and coordinate-based road definition
  • Intersections and junctions
  • Lane, line and traffic sign definition
  • Height, inclination, and surface condition applied via segment-independent road coordinates
  • Easy definition of bumps, profiles, split-μ areas, etc.
  • Dedicated 1-D and 2-D views of road features
  • OpenDRIVE® format export
  • Road import: map data (like OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, etc.), ADAS RP (Nokia HERE), and OpenDRIVE® format
  • Road networks and predefined sceneries are automa- tically imported into MotionDesk (city center, country road, highways)
  • Definition of driving routes
  • Definition of lane-independent lines and shapes for concrete barriers or repeating objects
  • Unlimited number of lanes
  • Support for non-drivable lanes (e.g. bicycle lanes, emergency lanes)


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