dSPACE Release 6.1
(Released in March 2008)

The main innovations in dSPACE Release 6.1 are outlined below:

Product Details

ASM 1.5

ASM Vehicle Dynamics

  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements

ASM Engine

  • Turbocharger meets SAE J922
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements

AutomationDesk 2.0.1
(with Real-Time Testing 1.3.1)

  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements

CalDesk 2.0

  • Revised user interface to facilitate operation
  • Instrument library with custom instruments
  • LIN bus monitoring
  • XCP on Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP/IP)
  • Calibration of ECUs without dedicated data segments
  • Option to save dedicated time interval and selected variables in separate measurement file
  • Undo/redo of parameter changes and displaying the change history
  • Several enhancements to the Data Set Manager
For more details see CalDesk 2.0

ConfigurationDesk 1.3.1

  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements

ControlDesk 3.2.1

  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements

RTI 6.0

  • Support of model referencing (for RTI single processor models)

RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 2.2

  • Support of CAN controller status information as Simulink® outport
  • “Reset" and "Bus off" now also available as Simulink® inport

RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 1.5

  • Support of event-triggered frames including a collision resolving schedule
  • LDF parser supports LIN 2.1
For more details see RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 1.5

RTI Bypass Blockset 2.4

  • Support of XCP on Ethernet (UDP/IP)
  • Option to define a path to ASAP2 files relative to a given MATLAB workspace variable
  • Option to create new variables based on address and data type information directly in the blockset without the ASAP2 file or the Variable Editor

TargetLink 2.3

  • Improved code efficiency
  • Optimized vector processing and other optimizations
  • Enhanced AUTOSAR support
  • Support of AUTOSAR 2.1
  • AUTOSAR calibration and measurement support
  • Target Simulation Module for Infineon XC2000 and Tasking Compiler
  • Look-up table code generation without map structure
For more details see TargetLink 2.3

MATLAB support

  • R2006a+
  • R2006b
  • R2007a+
  • R2007b

More Information

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