dSPACE Release 2020-B (November 2020)

The main innovations of dSPACE Release 2020-B are outlined below.

Product Details
ASM 9.6
  • General
    • New, more modular model structure for ASM demo models facilitates the handling of models
  • Traffic
    • OSI improvements (lane-centerline information and OSI version 3.2) for connecting sophisticated external sensor models to ASM
    • New ControlDesk 3-D-viewer layout for visualizing OSI GroundTruth information provided by ASM
    • Extended ControlDesk dashboard layout for controlling sensor visualization in MotionDesk
    • New ASM ray casting sensor for detecting objects and the road
    • More options for scenario definition and simulation by using motorcycles and trailers as traffic fellows
  • Vehicle Dynamics
    • Smooth vehicle initialization at high speed (accelerating from standstill in each maneuver is not required)
  • Powertrain
    • New open interface for ASM multicell battery model allows for an easy extension with additional RC-circuits
    • Improved SoftECU BEV Torque Manager with an improved simulation of the creep torque and the blending of recuperation and acceleration-mode according to the brake pedal
    • Adapted smart charging control strategy for simulating the standard charging procedure more realistically by considering a consistent implementation with dSPACE smart charging solution
    • 48V Mild Hybrid Belt Starter Generator (BSG) setup for all combustion engine models
Bus Manager 6.6
(ConfigurationDesk 6.6)
  • Support of AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R19-11 Com Matrices
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
ConfigurationDesk 6.6
  • Supported Simulink® features through the Model Interface Package for Simulink® (MIPS):
    • Bus element blocks (in and out) on the top-level of Simulink models
    • Int64/UInt64 with data inports and outports and Simulink inports and outports at root-level
  • V-ECU support
    • V-ECUs of the new 3.0 format generated by SystemDesk and TargetLink
    • V-ECUs with the MCAL modules for CAN
  • Ethernet support
    • Integration of a new high bandwidth Ethernet boards with 10 Gbit/s
    • Enable/disable of the Ethernet PHY
    • Determination of the Ethernet link speed and status
  • Several new I/O capabilities:
    • Support of SENT Revision 4 protocol
    • Enhanced DS6202 support (differential interface type for the supported digital out functions; APU Master functionality for the Digital Encoder In Function)
    • MicroAutoBox III – Functional Safety (monitoring function for VBat, temperature and external triggers)
  • Usability enhancements
    • All active filters of the selected pane can be cleared by one click
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
ControlDesk 7.3
  • DS6001-based SCALEXIO data logger captures ASAM MDF4 files without connection to a host PC
  • Bus Navigator: Replaying Ethernet communication (SCALEXIO, MicroAutoBox III, VEOS, and PC based interfaces supported)
  • 3-D Viewer: Improvements for ADAS/AD visualizations
  • Export of data sets to CDFX 2.1
  • Support of SCALEXIO real-time systems with Linux as operating system
dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare 1.0
  • Comparison of AUTOSAR elements
  • Visualization of differences in tree view
  • Manual merge that also detects dependencies of other AUTOSAR elements
  • Automatic merge with predefined or customer-specific rulesets
dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 4.6
  • Support of AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R19-11 Com Matrices
  • No encryption of documentation – for easier access to the required information
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
Model Compare 3.1
  • Comparing and dumping of single subsystems instead of complete models
  • New sample hook to limit analysis to a specified number of hierarchy levels
  • Improved colorization of property differences in difference reports
ModelDesk 5.4
  • New scenario API for accessing ASM running on VEOS on Linux
  • Improved handling (multiselection and copy&paste) of road networks in the ModelDesk RoadGenerator
  • Improved OpenDRIVE import
  • New API for Traffic Object Manager (TOM)
  • Modular plotting interface to allow for workflows with modular model structures
MotionDesk 4.7
  • Synchronization of animated characters (moving legs, moving arms, etc.) allows for a more realistic simulation for SIL systems with a simulation speed slower or faster than real time
  • Additional 3-D objects for fellows and ego vehicle
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 5.5
  • SecOC – dynamic container IPDU support
  • Support of AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R19-11 Com Matrices
  • No encryption of documentation – for easier access to the required information
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 3.10
  • Extended support for Simulink® buses: The FPGA interface block can aggregate or split several Simulink buses (subchannels)
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 3.5
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Support for variant-based evaluations
  • Automatic trigger of copying parameter values from signal & parameter management for test reparameterization
  • Automatic linkining of requirements to test cases
  • Option to restrict visibility for requirements projects
  • Definition of run conditions for workflow steps within workflows
SystemDesk 5.5
  • Support of OCU module and SPI; all hardware-independent BSW modules can be integrated into a V-ECU
  • Support of curves and maps for RTE generation
  • Support of the dSPACE V-ECU container format 3.0 with e.g. improved support of object files and libraries as well as incremental update of containers
  • Seamless integration of dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare to diff and merge AUTOSAR xml files
  • Support of the newest AUTOSAR releases: Classic AUTOSAR 4.5 and Adaptive AUTOSAR platform R19-11
TargetLink 5.1
  • Use of Simulink® functions to reduce software maintenance effort
  • Use of referenced subsystems for easily dividing models for more accurate and easier configuration management
  • GUI-based support of modern calibration workflows (CURVE/MAP) from the latest AUTOSAR versions
  • Easy comparison and merging of artifacts in distributed AUTOSAR workflows
  • Direct access to Simulink mask parameters for more powerful generalization and use of Simulink's masked Subsystems
  • Code generation in process-isolation based Docker containers on Windows Server
MATLAB® support
  • R2019a
  • R2019b
  • R2020a
  • R2020b
Operating system support
  • Windows® 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (64-bit)1)
1) For information on Windows® 10 support, refer to Windows 10 support.

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