Generic Serial Interface DCI-GSI2

Function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration and flash programming

The generic serial interface DCI-GSI2 can be used for function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration, and flash programming. The broad range of available connector adapters lets you connect the DCI-GSI2 to individual electronic control units. 

Application Areas

With the continuing technological advances of ECUs, broadband access to ECUs is becoming a crucial feature. It can be used for tasks such as monitoring internal ECU variables or integrating bypass functions. Debug interfaces readily provide this kind of access without significant influence on the ECU microcontroller.   

For this purpose, dSPACE provides the generic serial interface DCI-GSI2, which can be used for function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration, and flash programming. You can connect the DCI-GSI2 to individual types of ECUs using a wide range of available connector adapters.

Key Benefits

The DCI-GSI2 features bypassing without requiring any ECU source or binary code changes. It is synchronized with the ECU application and enables very high measurement data throughputs as well as extremely fast measurement rasters  (up to 100 kHz) via Gbit Ethernet. Because XCP on Ethernet is an open and standardized interface, it is also possible to connect XCP-aware third-party tools to the DCI-GSI2.

Parameter Specification
Host Interface
  • XCP on Ethernet (100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s)
ECU Interface
  • JTAG/OCDS and DAP/DAP2: Infineon TriCore families (including the latest AURIXTM 2G / TC3xx)
  • DAP: Infineon XC2000 family
  • JTAG/Nexus: NXP (Freescale) MPC55xx, MPC56xx and MPC57xx families
  • JTAG/Nexus: ST Microelectronics SPC56xx, SPC57xx and SPC58xx families
  • JTAG/Nexus: Renesas V850E2 and RH850 families
  • JTAG/H-UDI: Renesas SH2A/SH4A families
  • JTAG/CoreSight: ARM Cortex R4/R5
  • NBD: Renesas V850 and RH850 families, Renesas SH2, SH2A, SH4A families, Renesas M32R family
  • JTAG/ARM: Toshiba Visconti 5

  • JTAG/ARM: Texas Instruments TMS570

  • JTAG/ARM: Cypress Traveo

For further interfaces, please contact dSPACE.

  • Connector to on-chip debug bus:
    • Various connector adapters are available from dSPACE. Particular adapters also have a tool connector for connecting an additional tool, such as a debugger.
  • Ethernet connector:
    • 8 pin LEMO connector for connection to the host PC and/or the bypass system
  • Power connectors (only one power connector can be used at one time):
    • External 2 pin LEMO power connector on the enclosure for connection to an external power supply
    • Internal power connector for connection to the vehicle battery via the ECU. An internal power supply cable is provided.
Physical characteristics Enclosure
  • Aluminum box (to be ordered separately)
  • DCI-GSI2 with enclosure (DCI_GSI2_ENC1): 102.5 x 71 x 26.5 mm (4.04 x 2.8 x 1.04 in)
  • DCI-GSI2 without enclosure: 70.05 x 62.4 x 10.5 mm (2.76 x 2.46 x 0.41 in)
  Weight (without connector adapter)
  • DCI-GSI2 without enclosure and without connector adapter: approx. 28 g (0.06 lb)
  • Connector adapter (depending on type): approx. 20 g (0.04 lb)
  • Enclosure (DCI_GSI2_ENC1): approx. 190 g (0.42 lb)
  Temperature range
  • -40 ... +85 °C (-40 ... +185 ºF) operating temperature
  • -40 ... +105 °C (-40 ... +221 °F) operating temperature on request
  • -65 ... +125 °C (-85 ... +257 ºF) storage temperature
Electrical characteristics Power supply
  • 4.3 ... 30 V (38 V transient)
  • Protected against reverse polarity up to -32 V
Power consumption 1)
  • 4 W typ. at +20 °C (+68 °F), 12 V, and 1 Gbit/s Ethernet. Using 100 Mbit/s Ethernet instead of 1 Gbit/s saves about 0.7 W
  • 30 mW typ. in standby mode
1) Beim Einsatz von JTAG/Nexus mit MPC5xxx-Mikrocontroller.

  • Generic Serial Interface DCI-GSI2 Product Information, PDF, English, 488 KB
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