Developing V2X Applications Based on Wireless ad hoc Communication

  • Rapid prototyping V2X applications on MicroAutoBox
  • Dedicated blockset to access V2X communication from Simulink via a suitable hardware adapter, such as MK5-OBU by Cohda Wireless
  • Support for vehicle- and infrastructure-related messages according to standards in Europe and the USA
  • Map instrument for analyzing traffic and V2X-specific information in ControlDesk

Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology enables the exchange of data between vehicles and between vehicles and the infrastructure via wireless ad-hoc networks according to the IEEE 802.11p standard. The network participants send messages that include information about details such as their position, speed, and driving direction or events such as traffic jams. In the development of V2X applications, various standards such as ITS-G5 in Europe or WAVE in the USA as well as a growing number of application protocols such as CAM, DENM, or BSM must be taken into account. They are constantly being adapted and further developed. The V2X Solution, consisting of a blockset for Simulink and a map instrument for ControlDesk, facilitates rapid prototyping of applications via easy access to the V2X communication channel and allows for the graphical analysis of V2X-specific data. The blockset provides blocks for handling V2X messages, access to network and transport layers as well as GNSS encoding and decoding. It also enables developers to import adapted application protocols and to expand the blockset with new message types. The communication and physical layer as well as the security of an external V2X hardware adapter are used for connecting to the V2X channel. For this purpose, a flexible interface was developed that in principle allows for connecting V2X HW adapters by different vendors via Ethernet (UDP/IP). The incoming V2X messages are stored in the Local Dynamic Map (LDM). The LDM saves platform resources by centrally storing and automatically managing data, and allows applications flexible and context-specific access to V2X content. The Map Instrument graphically displays the contents of the LDM in ControlDesk and facilitates its analysis and plausibility check.

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