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Service (Examples) Details (Examples)
Tool introduction
  • Hands-on support during introduction of TargetLink
  • Support during evaluations and pilot projects
  • Custom TargetLink training
Integrating TargetLink into the customer’s development processes
  • Defining interfaces to other tools used in the project
  • Defining project configurations (project template / TargetLink Data Dictionary)
  • Connecting to existing data bases, import/export of variable files (e.g., .xls, .m)
  • Linking the model and TargetLink Data Dictionary
  • Creating customer-specific utilities and scripts
  • Adapting documention generation or A2L file generation
  • Custom block libraries and/or I/O blocksets
  • Helping users of on-target bypassing meet production ECU constraints using TargetLink features
Model analysis and advice
  • Help in analyzing your models and modeling style with regard to efficiency, safety, and reusability
  • Assistance in creating and optimizing company-specific guidelines and in applying industry-proven standards
AUTOSAR integration
  • Support for developing and integrating AUTOSAR-compliant software components
ECU integration
  • Support for integrating the generated code in the ECU’s software environment
Tool chain development and maintenance
  • Specification and development of complete tool chains around TargetLink
  • Maintaining tool chains
  • Migration to new versions
Process consulting
  • Consultation on issues such as model, code and data exchange between ECU suppliers and OEM, and between function and software developers; developing safety-relevant applications; software development according to ISO 26262. Advice on responsibilities, intellectual property, etc.

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