DS5381 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Unit (60 V)

Low-voltage electronic load unit for the PHIL simulation of electric machines

The DS5381 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Unit from dSPACE emulates motor and generator currents for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. With up to 60 V, the module is also ideal for use with higher onboard vehicle voltages of 48 V.

Only one load unit is required to emulate a battery-powered three-phase electric motor. Typical test application areas include electric power steering (EPS) systems, starter and generator systems, and mild hybrid drives.

Key Benefits

The DS5381 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Unit uses the same supply voltage as the device under test, e.g., the ECU. This means that the effective power that circulates between the ECU and the DS5381 Low-Voltage Electronic Load Unit can be much higher than the power fed in by the DC supply unit. This energy recuperation significantly increases the energy efficiency of the overall system. To boost the overall system power, multiple loads can be operated in parallel to achieve higher electric currents.

Parameter Specifications
  • 6 to 60 V DC
Current (AC)
  • 3x 50 ARMS
  • 3x 100 APeak (1 s)
Current (DC)
  • 50 A
  • 100 APeak (1 s)
  • No power derating over the entire voltage range
  • Parallel connection supported
Power supply
  • Internal DC link voltage of 16 … 80 V with less than 15% of emulation power because of energy recovery
Hardware topology
  • Interleaved
Power electronics technology
Resulting switching frequency
  • 3.5 MHz
  • The modules are protected against overload and overtemperature.
  • Temperature-controlled fan
Controller update rate
  • 64 MHz
HIL interface
  • Optical link using dSPACE SCALEXIO FPGA technology
HIL interface update rate
  • 1.25 μs

  • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Informations produit, PDF, Anglais, 8510 KB
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