Use Scenarios

Exemplary use cases for RapidPro systems


In this scenario, automotive sensors and actuators are adapted to a dSPACE prototyping system with the help of the RapidPro SC Unit and the RapidPro Power Unit.

Use Case: Signal Conditioning and Power Stages for dSPACE Prototyping Systems

The RapidPro SC Unit and the RapidPro Power Unit (equipped with the relevant SC and PS modules) can be used as separate units in conjunction with prototyping systems (MicroAutoBox, MicroLabBox, DS1104, SCALEXIO Hardware including DS6001 plus I/O boards). The RapidPro SC Unit supports your prototyping system wherever demanding signal conditioning tasks such as signal protection, amplification, attenuation, filtering, and electrical isolation have to be performed. In turn, actuators like drives, valves, injectors, lamps, and relays require high current and/or high voltage output drivers. The RapidPro Power Unit provides your prototyping system with the necessary power stages. Automotive protection and extensive diagnostic capabilities are especially important for power stages. Using dSPACE‘s ConfigurationDesk software you can easily configure the unit and carry out diagnostics. In this use scenario, the RapidPro hardware can be used for developing control applications in fields such as engine, transmission, chassis, body, and drives control.  

In this scenario, two RapidPro units form a stack including signal conditioning and power stages, so that complex I/O signals can be acquired and generated independently of the main CPU of the prototyping system.

Use Case: Intelligent I/O Subsystems for dSPACE Prototyping Systems

Applications such as engine management need to acquire complex I/O signals, for example, for crankshaft and camshaft positions, and to generate complex signals for ignition and injection independently of the RCP system’s main processor and the model’s simulation step size. Offloading specific, time-critical tasks like these to a dedicated microcontroller decisively reduces the main processor’s load. The RapidPro Control Unit variant with MPC565 is used in this scenario as a slave microcontroller to extend existing proto typing systems with additional I/O functionality. The RapidPro Control Unit variant can be used together with the MicroAutoBox II or can additionally be combined with other RapidPro units. An integrated Unit Connection Bus (UCB) allows you to connect several RapidPro SC or Power Units directly to the Control Unit without external wiring. Communication between the RapidPro Control Unit and the prototyping system is performed via a high-speed link. A RapidPro Control Unit Blockset for MicroAutoBox II is available as an I/O Real-Time Interface (RTI) for Simulink. dSPACE‘s ConfigurationDesk provides intuitive configuration of the unit and diagnostics handling. In this use scenario, the RapidPro hardware can be used for developing control applications in fields such as engine, transmissions, chassis, body, and drives control.

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