Workflow Management


SYNECT Workflow Management, example for HIL preparation and setup.

  • Create reproducible and reliable workflows to automate recurring processes
  • Enable continuous integration and continuous testing for HIL as well as SIL test systems
  • Manage highly complex test systems with countless variants and multiple software interactions
  • Reduce HIL downtime by means of automated test system preparation and configuration 

Before you start a test campaign, you have to complete several steps, such as preparing and configuring the simulator, downloading the correct software version to the ECU, and choosing the correct variant. If you do this manually, you might introduce errors. This might result in   inconvenient downtime of the simulator.

The good news is, these steps can be automated by dSPACE Workflow Management (WFM), a tool that is based on the data management software SYNECT. WFM helps you automate complex tasks by creating easy-to-use workflows and comprehensive variant management.

Workflows can be triggered automatically, for example, for the automatic overnight preparation of large real-time testing applications.

Configuration management support

Automated processes typically rely on data in configuration management (CM) systems. WFM supports the integration of any CM system. We offer off-the-shelf integration for Apache™ Subversion®, Git, or PTC® Integrity® Source. The final build result can also be stored in a different dedicated repository manager, such as JFrog Artifactory.

Since all configuration management version information can be automatically documented, this level of process automation allows for the reproducibility required for tests of safety-critical systems developed according to ISO26262.

Issue Tracking Management Support

As for configuration management systems, it is possible to trigger workflows based on actions or status changes in issue tracking systems, such as Atlassian Jira, Redmine, Microsoft® TFS, or Microsoft® SharePoint. For example, closing an issue can trigger a dependent build process or it can trigger a test execution.

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