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Optimizing processes in all development phases and for the validation of ECU software

dSPACE Consulting helps you introduce model-based development and virtual test processes to validate ECU software. Moreover, the team supports customers in creating and optimizing customized development and test processes. 

  • Increasing the Efficiency of SIL and HIL Tests by Using a Central Data Management System

    This paper shows which challenges the aerospace industry currently faces regarding the efficient reuse of workflow artefacts in the development and test process of complex E/E systems.

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  • Testing of Real-Time Criteria in ISO 26262 Related Projects - Maximizing Productivity Using a Certified COTS Test Automation Tool

    Pre-qualified COTS test automation tools and the test automation tool’s level of usability can be factors that increase productivity in development processes. That is, if the vendor of the test automation tool provides appropriate support.

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  • Inspect the Unexpected

    Automated fault injection tests for JTEKT steering systems

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  • How to Get to HIL Testing (3/3) – HIL Testing and Functional Safety

    This webinar focuses on the integration of the HIL test system into a verification and validation process and the use of the system in safety-critical projects. We will discuss development and test strategies and explain, how compliance with the relevant functional safety standards can be reached efficiently.

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Manufacturers and suppliers have to increasingly optimize their processes to be able to continue developing and testing ever more complex system and software architectures as for highly automated vehicles, for example. More than ever before, they have to coordinate the various development phases with each other, from system design to validation, and implement them in a process-reliable manner. dSPACE Consulting offers consultancy projects to support you in defining processes and optimizing them throughout all phases of ECU development, independent of whether dSPACE tools are used. 

Key Benefits

To optimize processes, to reach goals faster and more efficiently, or to develop more complex products using existing tool chains, current processes must be analyzed and understood. dSPACE captures and structures complex processes and develops concepts to master new challenges. Therefore, the spectrum of the consultancy ranges from analyzing established processes and identifying the resulting optimization needs to suggestions for structuring new development processes and their implementation. dSPACE specialists also evaluate the suitability of processes for defined projects and evaluate how beneficial new processes and tools are for you. They also assist you with necessary adjustments.

Decades of experience, particularly in the automotive industry, but also in many other areas, such as aerospace or medical engineering, make dSPACE a competent partner if you want to develop and test electric/electronic systems. Specialists at dSPACE who are successfully working on projects around the world can quickly analyze your processes and identify potential for optimization. Their knowledge with regard to development tools and tool chains helps you establish lean and efficient processes. 

Typical Services (Examples) Description
Benchmarking, process analysis and optimization dSPACE Consulting analyzes existing customer processes and compares them with best practices from various industries. The specialists identify optimization potential and make suggestions for implementing new processes. If required, dSPACE also supports the implementation.
Creating and implementing standard-compliant processes dSPACE Consulting advises on working with development and test environments to comply with standards such as ISO 26262, ISO/IEC 15504, and Automotive SPICE.
Proof of suitability for verification environments when working on safety-critical projects dSPACE Consulting evaluates processes and makes necessary adjustments for safety-critical projects.
Introducing model-based development and virtual validation dSPACE Consulting determines if and how you can profit from the benefits of model-based controller development and supports you in the implementation, if required.
Supporting the transition to agile development methods dSPACE Consulting supports you in the implementation of agile software development so you are able to address the new challenges of the development of complex E/E systems and their embedded software, such as the introduction of continuous integration and the utilization of suitable tool chains.

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