SCALEXIO LabBox (8-slot)

Published: November 08, 2018

Addition to the SCALEXIO LabBox Family of Enclosures

The SCALEXIO LabBox is now also available in a smaller version for desktop use. The compact LabBox (8-slot) offers space for up to seven SCALEXIO I/O boards. Integrating a SCALEXIO Processor Board or connecting it to a SCALEXIO Processing Unit creates a powerful, modular real-time system with the smallest possible footprint.

Due to this small footprint, similar to that of a 14'' notebook, the new SCALEXIO LabBox can be placed on any desk. Therefore, function developers always have their test system within reach. At the same time, two small LabBoxes can be connected to form a 19'' rack-mount enclosure. Equipped with one DS6001 Processor Board each, they provide a compact multiprocessor system with integrated I/O interfaces for computation-intensive applications.

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