Project Management with ConfigurationDesk

Published: January 10, 2017

ConfigurationDesk allows for efficient project management by supporting the reuse of components and configurations in different projects.

Reusing Project Topologies

A clear project structure in ConfigurationDesk simplifies managing the project information. You can define application components such as

  • Device topology, which describes what devices (like ECUs) should be connected to the dSPACE hardware
  • External cable harness, which describes the pin-to-pin connections between the dSPACE hardware and the external devices
  • Hardware topology, which describes what dSPACE hardware is used in the project
  • I/O configuration, which describes how the dSPACE hardware is configured
  • Model topology, which describes what models are connected to I/O functions

All application components can be exported individually or as a complete project and can then be imported into other projects. This reuse ensures higher quality of projects, because components have already been tested and new projects can be started faster, because you do not have to start from scratch.

Reusing Working Views

Within ConfigurationDesk you define the signal chains graphically. They consist of configured I/O functions and connected external devices or model port blocks. The working views of these signal chains can be exported to and imported into different applications. With this, configured functions or whole signal chains can be reused easily.

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