Support for Model-Based Design

  • Real-time capable Simulink models
  • Access to internal model details down to the block level
  • Support for all development phases of control software
  • Soft ECU network
  • Signal interfaces for automotive applications

Ready-to-Use Standard Models

  • Integrated tool chain for parameterization, validation, and test automation
  • Open documentation, including mathematical equations
  • Migration support, also between MATLAB Releases
  • International customers and mature models

Complete ASM Product Range

  • Support for all relevant areas of modeling in the automotive industry
  • Easily combinable models for virtual vehicles
  • Various levels of model complexity (e.g., mean value, physical) for all application fields in control design and testing

Comprehensive Engineering and HIL Expertise

  • Single-source solution
  • Customer trainings and worldwide support
  • Combination of standard models and customer-specific model engineering

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