Use Cases for HIL Testing

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and functions for autonomous driving requires simulated test scenarios to cover the complexity of these functionalities. The use cases describe how to use dSPACE HIL simulators most efficiently for these types of functionality tests.

Electromobility and Electric Drives

The use cases cover electromobility, power electronics, and smart grid applications from small auxiliary electric motors to large power supply systems.

Power Grids

The use case describes how control systems for smart grids and distributed power generation can be tested.


The use cases cover a wide range of aerospace applications, such as engine control development and tests on control devices. 

Vehicle Dynamics

Besides testing vehicle dynamics ECUs, the use cases cover tests for integrated sensors and actuators, as well as auxiliary and steering systems. 

Virtual Vehicle

For testing complete ECU networks, including the bus communication and auxiliary units, the dSPACE HIL system can represent an entire complex virtual vehicle.

Test Benches

The use cases for test benches range from small and compact rotary test benches to large, high-performance steering test benches that use linear actuators for applications that require maximum dynamics and precision.

Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

RDE tests supplement traditional emission tests on chassis dynamometers. dSPACE HIL simulator systems support you in performing complex driving situations on your test bench.


The use cases describe HIL tests for powertrain applications that include all of the components in a vehicle's drive system, such as the engine, and the transmission.

Body Electronics

The use cases demonstrate how to test automotive body electronics, such as ECUs for the airbag or for FlexRay communication systems.

Buses and Networks

The use cases show various ways to test bus communication during the development of ECU software.

Multimedia and Infotainment

The use cases demonstrate how to test multimedia and infotainment systems, for example, ECUs and ECU networks.

Overview of all Use Cases

dSPACE HIL systems can be used in a number of other fields beside the main application areas.

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