Comparison of two AUTOSAR files made easy

dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare is a dedicated comparison tool for Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR for detecting and merging the differences between two AUTOSAR files.

Application Areas

The development of AUTOSAR compliant ECUs follows a standardized AUTOSAR workflow in which developers exchange AUTOSAR artifacts (ARXML files). Different versions of AUTOSAR artifacts can occur, for example, if several developers, working at different stages in the development process using different tools, exchange ARXML files with each other. For example, a TargetLink software developer receives an ARXML file by the software architect who uses SystemDesk. There are multiple scenarios that can lead to inconsistent ARXML files for these two roles. One might be the architecture evolution while the TargetLink developer works on the ARXML file. However, both ARXML files must be consistent as the ARXML files contain information that is also relevant for the rest of the workflow.

Key Benefits

dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare is a specialized comparison tool for AUTOSAR. At AUTOSAR element level, dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare compares two versions of AUTOSAR artifacts with each other. dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare lists the AUTOSAR elements in a tree like view and visualizes the potential differences that arise. A user can either manually or automatically merge those differences in the ARXML files. The automatic process uses rule sets (predefined or customer individual) to merge the differences. The latter is especially useful for iterative and continuously executed development steps, e.g., for continuous integration.

Functionality Description
  • Detection of differences and visualization for an easy and convenient overview of changes in AUTOSAR artifacts
  • Tree-based manual merge for full control over the merge process
  • Intelligent detection of dependencies supports manual merge operations
  • Automatic rule-based merging enhances safety and ease-of-use, reducing error-prone and repetitive work when merging differences
  • Predefined rule set for work with TargetLink and SystemDesk
  • Individual rule set definition for a faster development process without any project-specific workarounds
  • Dedicated report generation for comparison and merge tasks
  • Command line interface for automatic use cases, such as continuous integration
  • Support for Classic AUTOSAR versions from 4.0 up to R19-11

  • Support for Adaptive AUTOSAR version R19-11

  • dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare Product Information, PDF, English, 233 KB
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