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Papers and Technical Articles

The following papers and technical articles were published by dSPACE customers or staff for conferences or in magazines. All papers and articles available for download come in PDF format and can be viewed/printed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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1. Mechatronic Test Benches (Papers)

  • Published at/in Vehicle Dynamics Magazine, Nov 2016
  • Author(s) André Klein (dSPACE GmbH), Markus Plöger (dSPACE GmbH)

AbstractDownload (351KB)

2. New Requirement Definition and Verification Techniques According to DO-178C, DO-331, and DO-333 (Papers)

  • Published at/in 2016 AIAA SciTech (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)), Jan 2017
  • Author(s) Jace Allen (dSPACE Inc.), Ulrich Eisemann (dSPACE GmbH)
  • Company dSPACE GmbH, Germany

AbstractDownload (597KB)

3. From Real to Virtual (Papers)

  • Published Jul 2015
  • Author(s) Dr. Rainer Otterbach (dSPACE GmbH), Alfred Vollmer (Hüthig Verlag)

AbstractDownload (1665KB)

4. Creating Vehicle Software Faster And More Efficiently (Papers)

  • Published at/in autobeatgroup, Jul 2015
  • Author(s) Dr. Ulrich Eisemann (dSPACE GmbH)

AbstractDownload (153KB)

5. Toolbox Energy Storage Systems – Modeling, Simulating, and Testing Battery Systems of (H)Evs (Papers)

  • Published at/in emobilitec, May 2015
  • Author(s) Fabian Frie (RWTH Aachen), Friedrich Hust (RWTH Aachen), Jörg Sauer (dSPACE GmbH)
  • Company dSPACE GmbH, Germany
    RWTH Aachen, Germany

AbstractDownload (2726KB)

6. Power Boost for Control Engineering Applications (Papers)

  • Published at/in Hanser Automotive, May 2015
  • Author(s) Holger Ross (dSPACE GmbH)
  • Company dSPACE GmbH, Germany

AbstractDownload (1298KB)
AbstractDownload (323KB)

7. Safely Excluding Serious Errors (Papers)

  • Published Feb 2015
  • Author(s) Dr. Daniel Kaestner (AbsInt), Carsten Rustemeier (dSPACE GmbH)

AbstractDownload (2532KB)

8. HIL Tests for Automotive Power Electronics (Papers)

  • Published at/in EmobilityTech, Feb 2014
  • Author(s) Jürgen Klahold (dSPACE GmbH)
  • Company dSPACE GmbH, Germany

AbstractDownload (1834KB)

9. Developing and Testing ECUs for Electric Drives (Papers)

  • Published at/in AIAA SciTech , Jan 2015
  • Author(s) Dr. Andreas Himmler (dSPACE GmbH), Mahendra Muli (dSPACE Inc., USA)
  • Company dSPACE GmbH, Germany
    dSPACE Inc, USA

AbstractDownload (1493KB)

10. Solutions toujours plus innovantes pour le Model-Based Design (Papers)

  • Published Dec 2014

Download (2106KB)

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Downloads 1-10 of 220

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