The FMI 3.0 Standard Interface for Clocked and Scheduled Simulations

Christian Bertsch (Robert Bosch GmbH), 
Matthias Blesken (dSPACE GmbH), 
Torsten Blochwitz (ESI ITI GmbH), 
Cláudio Gomes (Aarhus University), 
Andreas Junghanns (Synopsys), 
Oliver Kotte (Robert Bosch GmbH), 
Pierre R. Mai (PMSF IT Consulting), 
Masoud Najafi (Altair), 
Klaus Schuch (AVL List GmbH), 
Torsten Sommer (Dassault Systemes GmbH), 
Karl Wernersson (Dassault Systemes AB), 
Irina Zacharias (dSPACE GmbH), 
Published: 14th International Modelica Conference, Sep 2021

This paper gives an overview of the FMI 3.0 support for two kinds of clock-based simulations: Synchronous Clocked Simulation, and Scheduled Execution. The former is used when the information about multiple simultaneous events (cause and exact time of occurrence) can be unambiguously conveyed. The later facilitates real-time simulations comprising multiple black-box models, by allowing fine grained control over the computation time of sub-models. A formalization is presented along with example application scenarios, meant as an introduction to the conceptualization of clocks in the FMI Standard. 

  • English: The FMI 3.0 Standard Interface for Clocked and Scheduled Simulations PDF, 534 KB

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