Power Grids

Comprehensive support in designing, prototyping, implementing, and testing your power-grid-related systems

Charging Technologies

Complete solutions for developing and testing smart charging technologies – from charging stations to onboard chargers

Energy Storage Systems

Developing and testing battery management systems and fuel cell technologies for electric vehicles with the dSPACE solution portfolio

Power Management

Cutting-edge solutions for the validation of DC/DC converters and other power electronics components of electric vehicles

Automotive Drives

Developing and testing in-vehicle electric drives for traction and auxiliary systems – from signal level to full power

Steering Systems

Scalable solutions for testing electromechanical power steering systems – from signal-level testing to dynamic test benches

Braking Systems

Wide range of test systems up to test benches with real braking system components for testing electronic braking systems

Industrial Drives

Developing and testing power electronics controllers for industrial applications, such as production machines, robotics, and transportation

Smarter, Faster E-Mobility – Get Your Switch On!

Are you currently building the power grid of tomorrow or working on the next generation of mobility? Or are you developing cutting-edge charging solutions to finally create a dense charging infrastructure?

Watch our new video to learn how our industry-proven e-mobility solutions will give you the support you need throughout all development phases.

From the First Controller Idea to the Last Acceptance Tests
From the First Controller Idea to the Last Acceptance Tests

We offer a comprehensive solution portfolio for software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing, rapid prototyping, ECU autocoding, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and power HIL testing.

Our solutions interoperate seamlessly to provide an appropriate development and test environment for the complete range of e-mobility applications. This enables us to support our customers worldwide, from the first controller idea to the last acceptance tests.

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