SystemDesk 2.1p6


This patch can only be installed on top of an existing SystemDesk 2.1 installation. SystemDesk 2.1 was released on dSPACE Releases 6.5 and 6.6.

Problems Fixed by This Patch

For a list of solved problems please refer to the ReadMe File that you can download below.


SystemDesk projects saved by this patch (2.1p6) cannot be opened with previous releases (2.0.x) and should not be opened with previous SystemDesk 2.1 patches..

Installation Notes & Download

ReadMe (13.9 kB) (18.2 MB) 

Date 2011-02-25
软件类型 系统架构软件
产品 SystemDesk
资料信息 补丁
信息类别 故障排除
dSPACE 版本发布 2013-A之前版本


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