TargetLink 2.0.6 Maintenance Release


About TargetLink 2.0.6

TargetLink 2.0.6 is the first patch for TargetLink Release 2.0. It includes all bug fixes of TargetLink Release 2.0 until Jan. 31, 2005 as well as the TargetLink MATLAB Compatibility Update for MATLAB R14.

How to install TargetLink 2.0.6

  • You need administrative privileges in order to run the installation program of TargetLink 2.0.6.
  • You need a license key if you want to use TargetLink 2.0.6 together with R14 or R14SP1. The license key you received for the MATLAB Compatibility Update for TargetLink 2.0 is also valid for TargetLink 2.0.6.

There are several ways to install TargetLink 2.0.6, depending on whether TargetLink 2.0 or TargetLink 2.0.5 is already installed or not. For complete information about the installation procedure download the TL206_ReleaseNotes.pdf file below.


TL2.0.6_Setup.exe (71 MB)
TL206_ReleaseNotes.pdf (195 kB)
TLNewFeaturesAndMigration.pdf (905 kB)

List of fixed problems in this release will soon be available under
Problem Reports TargetLink

Date 2005-02-15
软件类型 产品级代码生成软件
产品 TargetLink
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