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Patch 2.1p2 for dSPACE Release 2.1

Patch 2.1p2 for dSPACE Release 2.1, Build-No. 1999060901, corrects the following problems:

  • Importing a CAN message from a CANalyzer database no longer leads to the error "Undefined function or variable 'rtigetfiledate'." in the MATLAB® Command Window.
  • In very large models, MATLAB no longer causes a segmentation violation if a model with CAN blocks from an RTI CAN Blockset is opened.
  • Using RTI blocks with output ports and data type support (data type not equal double) in an offline simulation sometimes led to a segmentation fault.
  • The executables of the DWO Kit also run correctly on fast PCs now.
  • The *ddc C file generated from an SDF file by DDS2C.exe contains a wrong value for the ISR register. Therefore the DS230x board application may not run correctly. The DDS2C.exe file is part of the RTLIB230x 1.3.
  • Problems when using the Hardware Manager of ControlDesk with certain boards have been corrected.
  • The Python test automation module 'sdmlib' caused problems with multiprocessor systems and has been replaced.
  • Tracing data in multiprocessing mode now works correctly with MLIB/MTRACE.
  • Problems with the HTML Help are corrected with the HTML Help update.

If you use one or more of these products from Release 2.1, it is recommended that you install Patch 2.1p2. Please remember that you have to reinstall the patch after reinstalling dSPACE software.

NOTE: Do not use this patch for releases other than those stated in the header. If in doubt, make sure that the Build-No. given matches your CD Build-No.

Preparing Patch 2.1.p2

  1. Download Patch 2.1p2 (1.6 MB) and save it to your hard disk.
  2. Invoke 21p2.exe and click Unzip. The default destination is c:\temp\21p2. The patch requires about 4 MB.

Installing the Patch
Before you can install the patch you must install the dSPACE software you want to patch and reboot your system. You also need to close MATLAB and all other dSPACE software before invoking the patch.

  1. Invoke install.bat. The patch is installed.
  2. Rebuild your applications or models.

After installing the patch, you can check which products were altered using Show Versions. In the Windows menu, choose Programs - dSPACE Tools - Show Versions. A debug file, 21p2.dbg, is also generated in the config directory.

21p2.exe (1632KB)

Date 2017-06-26
软件类型 实施软件, 实验和的可视化软件, 总线接口软件, ECU 接口软件
产品 ControlDesk, RCP and HIL 软件, RTI (Real-Time Interface)
资料信息 补丁
信息类别 故障排除
dSPACE 版 2013-A之前