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SC-EGOS 2/1 LSU ADV Plug-in for
Release 6.4 and Release 6.5


This ConfigurationDesk Plug-in introduces software support for RapidPro SC-EGOS 2/1 modules supporting LSU ADV lambda probes for the following dSPACE Releases

  • Release 6.4
  • Release 6.5

There are two separate setup programs for the above mentioned Releases.

New Features introduced by this Plug-in

For detailed information refer to the ReadMe files to be downloaded below.

Please note that this Plug-in does only affect the module dialogs under ConfigurationDesk!
The support of LSU ADV lambda probes is a feature of the module itself. It depends on the module's hardware revision (DS1634-06 or later) and the actual hardware configuration.


For correct utilization of the SC-EGOS 2/1 module, in particular with LSU ADV lambda probes, please refer to the following document: 

SC-EGOS 2/1 Instruction Notes (61 KB)

Installation Notes & Download

Release 6.4

ReadMe.txt (2.25 KB)
RLS_6.4_RapidProScEgos21Plugin1.1.exe (2.01 MB)

Release 6.5

ReadMe.txt (2.08 KB)
RLS_6.5_RapidProScEgos21Plugin1.1.exe (1.55 MB)

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Date 2010-01-29
硬件类型 RapidPro 硬件
软件类型 实施软件
产品 ConfigurationDesk, RCP and HIL 软件
信息类别 新增功能
dSPACE 版 2013-A之前