Using Dynamic Links in AutomationDesk

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Installation Notes & Download

About this solution

With this solution for AutomationDesk Versions 1.4 (Release 5.2) , 1.5 (Release 5.3), and 1.6 (Release 5.4) you can use blocks from your Custom Library not only in the static link mode (used up to now) but also in the new dynamic link mode.


As replacing static links with dynamic ones might cause run-time errors, you should note the some limitations that are described in detail in the PDF file you can download below.

Installation Notes & Download

AutomationDeskDynamicLink.pdf (101 KB)
AUDDynamicLink.exe (37.5 MB)

Date 2007-05-24
软件类型 测试自动化软件
产品 AutomationDesk, RCP and HIL 软件
资料信息 补丁
信息类别 新增功能
dSPACE 版本发布 2013-A之前版本


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