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dSPACE 工程服务


  • 在全球范围内提供工程和咨询服务,将其作为 dSPACE 产品系列的补充
  • 客户特定的硬件和软件调整
  • 反应时间短
  • 经过严格培训,拥有丰富经验的工程师团队
  • 支持所有大大小小的项目,从本地项目到全球项目、从小规模项目协助到“交钥匙”解决方案均包括在内



dSPACE 系统比较容易掌握和使用,但当项目变得十分复杂、需要有针对性的解决方案或时间很紧急的时候,dSPACE 可以为您提供快速、高效、可靠的工程和咨询服务。无论是小规模项目协助还是“交钥匙”解决方案,均有经验丰富的工程师为您提供支持。dSPACE 的工程师还能为您提供现场支持,甚至可以常驻当地。dSPACE 的工程服务使您能够利用我们的工具快速而独立地开展工作,并可以通过 dSPACE 的专家了解必要的产品专业知识。对于全球项目,dSPACE 国际化专家团队以及中央项目协调人员可保证项目快速顺利进行,直至最终成功完成项目。dSPACE 集团公司可以在全球范围内提供 dSPACE 工程服务:dSPACE GmbH 在德国帕德博恩设有多个办事处,在整个德国设有三个项目中心;dSPACE 还在日本、美国、英国、法国和中国成立了子公司。dSPACE 为各个开发阶段提供工程和咨询服务,使您可以完全专注于自己的工作任务。另外,dSPACE 的专家可以提供标准的培训课程以及定制化课程,还能按要求提供现场培训。


Typical Services (Examples) Description
Tool introduction
  • dSPACE Engineering Services help you collect all the information needed for making your decision so as to ensure the long-term viability of your system. For example, dSPACE offers feasibility studies, the development of application scenarios, benchmarking, pilot projects, and specific training and coaching.
Process consulting
  • dSPACE supports you in optimizing your development processes and in combining dSPACE tools and third-party tools efficiently in one single tool chain.
Turn-key solutions
  • dSPACE Engineering Services offer complete ready-to-use solutions even for complex application scenarios. If required, you can receive assistance throughout the entire dSPACE tool chain, including requirements analysis, specification to implementation, system delivery, and on-site commissioning and more.
Customized solutions
  • dSPACE Engineering Services can help you with customized solutions (e.g., I/O interfaces, I/O drivers) which extend the standard range of dSPACE products.
Resident engineers
  • If your projects require a more intense, long-term support on site, a resident engineer from dSPACE can help you permanently at your location.
Maintenance services and life cycle support
  • To ensure that your system works properly even if requirements change, dSPACE services go far beyond system delivery. Services include, for example, software adaptations, interface extensions, hardware modification and expansion, and model adaptation.

Basic Information