Video: Scenario-Based Testing in a Virtual World and with HIL Test Systems

  • 汽车
  • 高级驾驶辅助系统
  • HIL 测试
  • 自动驾驶
  • 仿真建模



This workshop will be presented in two parts:

Scenario-Based Testing and Scaling to the Cloud

  • An introduction to Scenario-Based Testing (ScBT)
  • Using ScBT with the dSPACE VEOS platform for early SIL/MIL testing
  • How to easily connect to your ADS software stack or system-under-test (SUT) with different frameworks (ROS, ADTF, etc.)
  • Scaling your solutions to the cloud
  • Scenario-Based Testing with HIL and Over-the-Air Test Benches

Defining scenarios for ScBT

  • Bringing test scenarios into a real-time HIL platform
  • Simulating physics-based sensors in real-time (radar, lidar, camera)
  • Connecting real ECUs to an HIL platform


 Jace Allen

Jace Allen

Director ADAS / AD Engineering & Business Development dSPACE Inc.

Matt Rasmussen

Matt Rasmussen

Sr. Application Engineer HIL Engineering dSPACE Inc.


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