MATLAB® R2022x/R2023x Compatibility

RCP and HIL Software

RCP and HIL Software MATLAB R2022a MATLAB R2022b MATLAB R2023a MATLAB R2023b
Release 2023-B 64-bit 1) 64-bit 1) 64-bit 1) 64-bit 1)
Release 2023-A 64-bit 1) 64-bit 1) 64-bit 1) -
Release 2022-B 64-bit 1) 64-bit 1) - -
Release 2022-A 64-bit 1) - - -
1) No or limited support of RTI FPGA Programming Blockset in this product combination. For details see FAQ 295 


TargetLink Version MATLAB R2022a MATLAB R2022b MATLAB R2023a MATLAB R2023b
2023-B 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit 2) 64-bit2)
2022-B 64-bit 64-bit - -
5.2 - - - -
2 Initially, TargetLink 2023-B (23.1) does not support MATLAB® R2023a and R2023b. Support of MATLAB R2023a and R2023b will be provided with TargetLink 23.1 Patch 1. For a download, refer to​​​​​​​ Updates & Patches for TargetLink.



As of VEOS 3.5 the dsoffsim target ist not available anymore. The DSRT target ist used instead. Since DSRT is installed with the RCP and HIL software, the compatibility between RCP and HIL software and MATLAB is relevant.



Date 2023-12-12
소프트웨어 타입 Simulation Models, Production Code Generation Software, Implementation Software, Experiment and Visualization Software, Test Automation Software, Simulation Software
제품군 ASM (Automotive Simulation Models), ConfigurationDesk, ModelDesk, RCP and HIL Software, RTI (Real-Time Interface), Real-Time Testing, TargetLink
인포메이션 타입 참고정보
인포메이션 카테고리 Versions and Compatibility
dSPACE Release 2023-B, 2023-A, 2022-B, 2022-A

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